5 Visual Content Types You Can Implement In Minutes

Visual content doesn’t have to be difficult to create or frustrating. In fact, it can be quite easily done with the right tools and an idea. But before we get into that. Maybe you’re wondering…

Why Should I Create Visual Content?

Good question.

Ever read or heard of people who have memories like ?elephants? Some have a natural ability called eidetic memory or photographic ? memory but for others, it’s a learned skill.

When you ask those who learned it, they’ll tell you to associate the thing you want to remember with an image. That’s because humans are naturally better able to recall visual stuff than text. That’s why social networks are putting such heavy emphasis on visuals and why Pinterest is so popular.

Now that you know, watch the video to find out the 5 types of visual content you can whip up real quick.

Now that you’ve watched the video, it’s time to implement. Remember, nothing happens without implementation. Here’s what you need to create visual content in a jiffy.

  • Stencil – this is by far the easiest image creator. Don’t overthink it. Just make it. Better out there bad than not at all.
  • Stock images from Depositphotos – currently a deal is on for only 49¢ an image! But this deal ends Thursday, October 5th, 2017.
  • Another alternative is to look through this huge list of free stock image list I have compiled. Some of these you can already access directly from inside Stencil. But there are a couple of unique resources in that list. So you might want to bookmark the page to refer to.

If you are watching this after the Depositphoto deal is over, be sure to get signed up for my email memos. Sometimes they will repeat this deal, although not often. And sometimes I find a similar deal at another site. I also share a lot of special tools, some free, some with incredible lifetime deals, some not but are invaluable to your productivity and business growth.


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