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Why Reduce Image Sizes On Your Website

Ever hear people talk about reducing the image size on their website but are afraid to ask why? Well I’m going to help you out and explain it all to you. Most digital pictures today have a pretty high quality. Even a low-end cell phone or digital cameras is capable of several megapixels. This is…

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Facebook Live App That Can Host A Guest

As Facebook Live gains popularity and organic reach dips, many businesses are exploring how to use it. One of the most popular idea is to conduct interviews. If this is something you are looking into, here are a variety of ways to achieve that. Facebook Native App I personally haven’t tried this yet because nobody…

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What Is WordPress Blog?

Want to know what is WordPress blog? It simply is a blog that is powered or runs on the WordPress platform (like this one). Let’s back up a little bit. A blog can be created with numerous platforms (or online software) but the biggest and most popular to date for blogs and websites alike is…

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