What Is WordPress Blog?

Want to know what is WordPress blog? It simply is a blog that is powered or runs on the WordPress platform (like this one). Let’s back up a little bit.

A blog can be created with numerous platforms (or online software) but the biggest and most popular to date for blogs and websites alike is WordPress which runs about 30% of the Internet’s websites at the time of writing.

Why is WordPress so popular?

That’s a pretty loaded questions. The reasons are plenty but overall, it is for one, or multiple reasons outlined below:


WordPress is deliberately kept like at it’s “core” or its most basic functions. You then use plugins to add the functions you want to make the site yours. In a way, you build your own system when you use WordPress making it very flexible for all kinds of blog and website uses.


There are tons of themes out there to choose from. Free and otherwise. With the huge choices available, that’s kind of a no-brainer. The down side to this, choosing themes can get rather overwhelming for some people especially if they aren’t quite sure what they want their blog to end up being. Personally, I recommend Beaver Builder Pro. That’s because not only do you get a fully customizable theme, you also get a plugin to make pages with complete control however you want it.

Beaver may be a bit of an investment for most starting up. But honestly, if you can sell something in your home to pay for that, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money later on. I say this because I myself have spent too much money on a variety of themes that at the end of the day wasted me so much time which costs money. Or forced me to buy more plugins to make it work again, costing more money. My opinion is, get it right the first time. Get Beaver.

If nothing else, take that advice from a seasoned WordPress User. I’ve been using WordPress since 2004 and Beaver is my top choice.

Large Community

I’ve always said a big community helps with software usage. Why? Because the larger the community, the more available help is. There are plenty of free WordPress communities online you can plug into. You can join mine here on Facebook. It’s not WordPress specifically, but we do tackle many WordPress questions.

Besides free communities, there comes a time, you just have to play to your strengths and let other people do the work while you focus on what you do best. With plenty of users also come plenty of qualified people offering services to fix your WordPress blog or help you get over some issue or even teach you how to use it.

So that in a nutshell should answer your question what is WordPress blog. Have questions? Ask in the comments below or join my community and ask away! We have some very helpful people there.

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