RocketBook Everlast Review & Usage Ideas To Boost Productivity

Despite my tech abilities and love of all things tech, I prefer writing. Jotting stuff down, doodling, even doing brain dumps. I’m very analog in that sense. I have notebooks for different things, but it annoys me because I can’t stand half-used notebooks or notebooks with a hot mess of different types of information that I cannot search and sort through when I need to retrieve them.
Then I found the RocketBook Everlast Reusable Notebook. It’s a notebook that I can erase with plain water and re-use over and over (no microwaving). The best part, with the app, I can quickly snap a picture and have it automatically sent to DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, Google Photos or just email it. Then just wipe clean and re-use.
There are so many ways you can use the RocketBook Everlast:
✅ Write a quick to do list and email to your VA
✅ Write your blog posts to send to Zapier then Zapier will send one to your VA to type and post to the blog and another to a text-to-speech engine to make into a podcast.
✅ Make art to sell on Print-On-Demand services. Yes! Check out what my daughter drew below.
✅ Create printable checklists pronto! See this PDF I made for one of the live classes.
✅ No more losing your notes at events and conferences.
J & Z word art using RocketBook Everlast

Art drawn and digitized using RocketBook Everlast Reusable Notebook

You’re probably now wondering why I mentioned the microwaving part earlier. Well, because RocketBook makes two types. the Wave And the Everlast. Wave was the first type of reusable notebooks they made. I did not buy that one because you need to microwave or apply heat to erase the pages and because of that, you can only re-use a limited number of times.
The RocketBook Everlast reusable notebook however is erasable with water or a damp cloth. Making it a lot more convenient to erase on the go. It also has a longer lifespan so, I considered it a better deal.
All in all, this is a keeper. There’s only one tiny thing that I’m not all that wild about. The “paper” feels very smooth when writing. This may be just me. Some people tell me they like writing on smooth paper. I prefer a little more friction especially when drawing but it’s not too big a deal. I found using the Frixion markers instead of Frixion pens will compensate for the smoothness.
Also, a note of warning. Though Frixion markers and pens are erasable themselves, RocketBook makers say not to erase with the pen because that would destroy the coating on the pages that make the notebook reusable.
Want a RocketBook Everlast notebook for yourself? Go here.

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