How To Use Quizzes To Grow Targeted Lists


Quizzes are fun and insanely popular. Particularly on social media. The pull to complete a quiz to find out how you stack against a friend is terrifyingly irresistible. So how can you turn these quirky, mindless quizzes to your advantage?

Start With The End Result

Customers buy from you for different reasons. This is true for any business. For example, people buy essential oils because they want:

  • Clearer, healthier skin
  • To improve mental clarity or control their mood
  • Help their kids excel

They may want to do all that, but the initial introduction is usually specific. With this in mind, you’ll want to categorize the reasons people might want to buy your products.

Create A Matching Offer

Once you have identified the reasons, create an offer to match them. This offer can be anything. A free download, video, class, exclusive offer, or a coupon good for matching products only.

This is perhaps the most important part. After someone finishes the quiz, you have got them thinking, and affirming their choices. This also means they are in the right frame of mind to consider what is next. To be most effective, your offer should complete the loop for them.

Build Your Questions

Now finally is time to create your questions. Does it seem like you’re doing it all backward? Maybe, but I think too often doing things in the “right order” means we end up far from our goal.

This is easy to fall into with a quiz. Because quizzes are fun, it is easy to create questions that lead to no action. While sharing on social media is not bad, providing entertainment doesn’t grow your business. There should be a balance of entertainment, and leading people to the next step. And that is, to enter your system. Sharing is a side bonus.

Craft your questions and scoring carefully. It should lead people to a conclusion closely fitting their reason to buy. Every question should further identify themselves as belong to one group. Once they do, and the offer presented to them makes sense, it’s easy for people to take the small leap into your list.

Once on your list, you already know what is important to them. This makes the job of emailing the right content and offers a lot easier. All this will impact the email open rates, click-through rates and, conversion. Which is, what we all covet.

Now that you have the quiz content worked out, you will need a tool to help you get the quiz set up. WordPress users can use a form plugin Formidable Pro, or a quiz plugin. You can also use something like Typeform – a standalone service that works on any site.

Do you want to see an example? Here’s a simple quiz.


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