6 Powerful But Shockingly Simple Tools Every Content Creator Should Have

6 Powerful But Shockingly Simple Tools Every Content Creator Should Have

Read stories how people use content to skyrocket to the top. Rarely is it done with complicated tools.

Do they use tools to aid them? Sure, but not with that hot tool of the week that you must buy or forever suffer from failure. So what do they use?

Swipe File

Few ideas are brand new. Most good ideas are an expansion, update, and improvement from the ones of old. Or, they are better executed. Swipe files have been around for a long time and amongst the key arsenal in many copywriters’ war chest.

Swipe files are collections of headlines, subject lines, content starters, phrases, call to actions, closings, ads, and more. Many writers have their own collection. It doesn’t take a lot to start and no money at all. I have a separate email address dating back to 2009 to collect email swipes.

Writers also like to collect them from various sources. These can be from courses, lists from articles both online and off, free downloads and so on. Starting with other people’s list is the smart thing to do. This will give you a nice cache to begin using right away.

I’ve started a collection of blog titles you can use, as a swipe file. Click to get it.

Checklist of Things To Beef Up Your Content

Unless you do something every single day, you will forget steps and important pieces.

Don’t believe me? Try baking a cake you know well but haven’t in a while. Do it without the recipe. Unless you have a didactic memory, it’s challenging.

To solve this, use checklists. Particularly a list to help make your content even better. For instance:

  • Find, create and add a video that supports your points.
  • Find and add statistics to prove your case.
  • Add links to other posts and articles that concur with what you are writing about.

Image Creator

There was a time you could publish posts without images. Now, not so much. Good thing is, there are plenty of image creator tools, many free. You don’t have to get fancy either. You can use tools you already have.

To make your life easier, there’s also tons of places now you can find high-quality photos for free – CC0. That means no cost, legal, and OK for commercial use.

Writing Structure and Grammar Tool

I’m not a huge fan of writing tools. However, one that I found super helpful is Hemingway. I use it consistently and it’s super affordable. You can use the free web version here. Replace the text on that page with your own. Or, you can purchase the downloadable version for your computer for only $10.

Another is Grammarly. There is a monthly fee involved, but it’s been very helpful for me.

Copy Analyzer

Like the swipe file, sometimes you just want to gauge how good your headline or content is. These serve a different purpose than Hemingway or Grammarly because writing copy is more about selling than about English. Here are 2 I like:

Writing good copy is easier with a swipe file. Click to grab the Blog Title Swipe File.

Access To Statistics

Earlier, on the list of things to add to beef up your content, I mentioned adding statistics. When I worked as a copywriter in an ad agency, the Internet was not what it is today. Stats were hard to come by but now, it’s a matter of a simple Google search. Having said that, there are times I’ve found it hard to get the data I needed.

Here are some you can start with. They have a variety of content and much of Statistia’s is non-US data and that can be useful.

What about you? Do you have a powerful but downright simple tool to help you create content? We’d love to hear about it. Share with us below.

Before you go, do not forget…

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