What is Web Conferencing?

It just occured to me some of my readers may be asking that very question after yesterday’s post and thought I’d expand a little further. If you want quick answer here are some definitions to web conferencing. That should give you a good idea but here’s my attempt to explain it and typical web conferencing features.

As the name suggests, it is conferencing or the ability to ‘meet’ in real time with 2 or more parties through the Internet. This is facilitated usually by a software or plugin installed on each participant’s computer and this software or plugin is provided by the company who provides this web conferencing service. Most web conferencing services have audio capabilities, where people can converse like in a telephone conversation. You’ll also have slide presentation ability and white board ability where anything you draw can be seen by participants. Some web conferencing services also have video capabilities – probably help people pay more attention! ­čÖé

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