3 Auto Syncing Apps That Make Life And Work Easier

Ever since my first Palm device, I’ve loved the idea of syncing. Mobile technology has grown up a lot since and (thankfully) so has syncing! But it was still so-so until I switched to the Android late last year. Here are a few apps that I just can’t do without anymore:

Gmail Contacts and Calendar

Since we use Google Apps, contacts on our Apps get synced too. This is useful because, I only need to enter a contact’s information once. Then it all gets transferred to the phone or if I enter on the phone it gets transferred to Google Apps. You can also do this for regular Gmail (naturally). I’ve found this super handy for volunteer work because parents would ask me to update their phone or whatever details in person and all I do is enter it on the phone. Also, if I reset my phone, all the contacts get put back into the phone, easy-peasy.

Ditto for the calendar. Everything on my calendar is on the phone’s calendar, synced automatically over the air.

Oh yeah, almost forgot one more point on this. Because we use ManyMoon which is hooked into our Google Apps account, any project deadline or due tasks are entered into the Apps calendar which is then synced to the phone. I always have that info in the calendar without having to install a ton of different apps. No hooking up to the computer and all that crazy stuff.


The last sentence should have given you an idea how much I do not like cables. Dropbox works wonderfully. Again, I can send or retrieve files directly from or to the computer and phone. Or on someone else’s computer entirely.

Remember the volunteer work I talked about? I saved some of our essential forms on Dropbox too so whenever anyone complains about not having the form or whatever document, I can shoot it out to them instantly. I don’t have to hear anymore about it, the thing gets done immediately and… yeah I have witnesses! LOL

Gotta love that.


I’ve certainly been reading more ever since installing the Kindle app on the phone. We have two devices to read books on. The tablet and the phone. Since Kindle keeps track of what I’m reading and where I last stopped, I can jump from device to device.

One more! You didn’t think I’d leave without mentioning Evernote did you?

What applications do you have that auto-sync to your favorite device or across multiple computers? Share your finds below.

Photo by Roland

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  1. Bobby on February 22, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Glad to hear Manymoon (http://www.manymoon.com) is working well for you. We love hearing all of our customer’s stories about how Manymoon makes them more productive managing their tasks and projects.

    • Lynette on February 26, 2011 at 10:40 am

      Hey Bobby, thanks for stopping by. Yes I do like it. There are a few things I wish were easier. Some things take too many clicks to get through like editing a task. Overall it works well for me.