You Know It’s Big When…

Things start showing up in your web stats. For the longest time I have been advising businesses online to pay attention to mobile devices.

We need to make our websites friendly or at the very least friendlier to tiny screens. That includes me. Yes, I know my blog displays wrong on mobile screens right now. And, the homepage popup is very mobile unfriendly. They’ll be fixed. Very, very soon. Hopefully, that’ll done by the time you read this.

I tell ya, there has never been a bigger incentive to do so until I saw mobile browsers appearing in my web stats. They are at the moment a small percentage. But a percentage nonetheless. It’s even more glaring when mobile browsers weren’t anywhere in the stats in previous months. It’s only going to get bigger.

It is time to grab your web designer and tell them to make your sites play well with tiny screens. What if you maintain your own pages? Then come back tomorrow and I’ll share a few things I’ve learned while making my own sites mobile friendly.

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