How A Response Thank You Page Can Help Email Engagement

Many email list services today allow you to tag or segment a people who have completed a certain action in your email. For example, open, clicked on any link or clicked on a specific link. Opens are still a little iffy and won’t work if you send pure text emails. So typically I would go for click response.

Since many of my lists are really old. Before this type of technology, I began to use links as a way to measure what people were interested in, what they weren’t by asking them questions like…

  • Do you like A or B?
  • Which date works out best for you?

That’s simple enough right? But the problem with asking people to click links in response, they have to have somewhere to go to. At first, I created a custom page every single time I asked these questions. It didn’t take long for that to get old.

Now, majority of my sites have these thank you for your response page built into them almost as soon as my email list starts. Here’s what they look like…

Thank you response screenshot


Thank you response screenshot


As you can see. Simple stuff. Nothing crazy, but always some CTA. I can use this page over and over for all types of questions or actions where I need a response. Now the challenge is updating the CTA 😃

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