Everybody Hates Spam

Thursday, November 20th, 2014
6 Things You Should Be Doing On the Back End to Boost Your Posts

Spam is the evil thing that creeps into your inbox unwanted. You all know what I’m talking about. Well, Wordfence, has released version 5.3.2 with a new feature called referring blocking. If you’re already using the Wordfence plugin be sure to update to take advantage of this and if you’re not yet using it then go pick it up.

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6 Things You Should Be Doing On the Back End to Boost Your Posts

Creating content takes time and effort so you want to get as many eyes on your hard work as possible. Creating a content marketing plan is important. On the flip side, evaluating your content marketing metrics can help you to increase conversions. ProBlogger lays out in plain terms the 5 things that you should be tracking to boost your bottom line.

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6 Things You Should Be Doing On the Back End to Boost Your Posts

Crafting great content takes time. As bloggers, we spend a lot of time researching, writing, preparing images and giving of ourselves to the posts we create for our readers. So, it would make sense to want to do well in the search engines given the time and effort we put into each post. The question is do we know how to or take the time to make it so? The folks over at Blogging Pro share the super strength behind giving your posts the kick they need to reach higher rankings with 6 easy to implement tasks for each post.

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Have I Too Many Plugins? How Many Is Too Many?

Monday, November 10th, 2014
How many plugins is too many

This is a question I see popup a lot over Facebook groups, forums, and anywhere WordPress is discussed. The concern is legitimate. Too many plugins slows down a site we’ve been told. Nobody wants that. Least of all, those of us who sell online. Contrary to popular belief (and regurgitated advice), it’s not the number of plugins you have – well, not always. It really boils down to how well a plugin is written. Some plugins don’t do anything on the front end, they are for admins and therefore will have no impact on visitor loading time – or at least it shouldn’t if it is well written. Some, do load on the front end but are well written so they only load the resources needed when they need it – therefore, no load time is compromised. Others load a ton of Javascript and CSS on each page whether needed or not and some even dump tens and hundreds of lines of Javascript/CSS in the header! Others are really badly written, not using the standards and programming options WP has in place which could also contribute to the problem. Oy! I’ve seen them and you may be surprised how many plugins are poorly

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17 Bloggers Tell Us Their Best WordPress Plugin Investments

The WordPress community is an amazing, vibrant, and talented pool. Every year, there are some fantastic WordPress plugins being released. Many of them I’m secretly envious of because – well, as a plugin developer, I wish I had built them. But envy aside, I’m also thrilled to see and support other developers especially those whom I respect both as great programming minds and marketers. Because of the number of plugins released each year, I can’t always keep track of it. That’s why I prompted a few friends who so graciously rose to the occasion to answer my question. Thank you! Here’s the question I asked: What’s the best plugin you bought this year and would pay for again? I learned about some wonderful plugins through them and hope you do too…

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20 Ways Entrepreneurs Manage It All With The Phone Camera

Friday, October 24th, 2014
20 Ways Entrepreneurs Use Their Phone Camera to Manage Information

I’m lost without my phone. It’s not because of the constant connectivity, or social media – those are simply nice side benefits. The real reason is because it helps me remember so much stuff. Much of that, is captured using the phone’s camera. So what can you use your phone camera for? Try these: 1. Save Business Cards I like getting business cards because often, the information on them is not on people’s websites. Like their direct phone number, and mailing address. What’s not so fun is what to do with them after. Too often, I come home from an event with stacks of cards that stay on my desk. Eventually, they irk me enough that I simply throw them away – bad idea. Until the camera. There are many apps you can get now that will grab data from those cards and enter them into your contact list. 2. Scan Text Borrow books from the library? Save those golden nuggets, by using an app to scan the text. This can then be exported into another application. 3. Deposit Checks Many banks and financial institutions allow you to do this through their app now. I still get some affiliate payments in

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Friend Requests from Acquaintances – A Facebook Dilemma Solved

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
Friend Requests from Acquaintances-092514

Here’s the harsh truth. I’m super picky who I ‘friend’ on Facebook. This is mostly because I don’t use my Facebook profile for business. My posts are often quite personal. Not as in bare my deepest pains and airing of dirty laundry, just more everyday stuff but still, rarely business. I have a page for that, am involved with several groups and am looking to creating more groups in the near future too. Definitely not anti-social. It’s really a reflection of how I live. By nature, it takes time for me to make friends. In my mind, friends are people who don’t mind my quirkiness and won’t judge me for being their polar opposite. When business acquaintances, people you just met, and those you don’t know well, sends a friend request, there’s no way to tell if they’d be offended by that or take it in stride. To accept or not to accept? That’s the question for the modern day. Thankfully, Facebook does have a way for you to take care of that problem. Put them on the Restricted list. When you add someone to the restricted list, they can only see your public posts and/or pictures or when you tag them. For a

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20 Truly Free Stock Photography Resources

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
20 Free Stock Photography Resources

Paying for stock photography can eventually suck up all your hard earned money. What is one to do as the Internet gets more visual? Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should purchase quality photos as often we can afford or budget for, in particular when we want a higher quality image to go with the post. However, you can supplement with free stock photography for non-pillar posts. Truly Free Stock Photography Before we start with the list, a quick note about what is truly free. Personally, I consider truly free as in CC0 license. Free for commercial and personal use. To be clear, what this usually means is, you can put these images on a for profit blog or website. You can’t however, take these photos, put them in a collection and sell them as a package or even put the image in the product where the image is the main focus. In other words, if your product doesn’t function without the images, it’s probably not legit to use it that way. The sites listed contain mostly free stock photography. Regardless, please make sure you read their terms before using as most sites have their own terms and licenses. Also, read

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9 Methods and Places To Advertise Your Blog

Thursday, September 11th, 2014
9 Ways to Advertise Your blog

Starting a blog is easy. Getting people to visit and visit regularly – well… not so much. Some people will tell you traffic is a piece of cake and it might be – to them. As a new or somewhat new blogger, this may not be quite so easy. So perhaps you may be considering advertising. Before we move on, allow me to first define advertising. Yes, we all know what it is and what it means. However, from my experience, when people ask the question where can I advertise my blog, the are usually looking to get free exposure. Free Exposure If this is what you are looking for, then these are a few things you can and should try. Guest Blogging – despite some scare stories about Google not liking it – guess what? Sometimes, Google doesn’t matter (that) much. People do. So what blogs do your target reader frequent? Where do they get their news from? Identify those blogs and find out if they are open to guests authors. Write a solid, meaty post and pitch it. Answer Questions – There are tons of places where you can answer questions. Facebook has plenty of groups you can

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How 5 Top Websites Capture Leads On Their Blogs

Friday, September 5th, 2014
How 5 Top Websites Capture Leads

To build our list, most of us know we need to put an opt-in box on the very top of the sidebar, or above the fold. But have you ever wondered if that enough? To find out, let’s see what some top websites and blogs are doing to get that opt-in. LeadPages Since they are all about getting leads, let’s start there. There is a lot of content on the LeadPages website. Clicking on Podcasts, you will find the expected things. The podcast synopsis, listen and download buttons. There’s an invitation to subscribe at the top as you’d expect. This is also repeated on the blog except it’s the second item, below a webinar promo. This is a little interesting because usually, we are discouraged to offer two opt-ins. When you click to download the episode, you are asked to sign up. This is uses their LeadLinks (TM) feature. In fact, the whole post on each episode heavily utilizes LeadLinks(TM). The feature image is a call to action that leads to an opt-in when clicked. Handouts and downloadable reports are great. This is also an opportunity to build that list. Ask them to opt-in again when they are listening. The

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