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Affordable Live Streaming Equipment For Your Office Studio

By Lynette | 0 Comments

Want to take advantage of Youtube and Facebook Live for your business? Then these are the live streaming equipment you’ll need. Ring Light Ring lights aren’t for divas and beauty bloggers only. They are an amazing thing that instantly brightens up your face. Prior to getting one, my videos are often dark and awful. Partly…

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How To Go On Facebook Live From Computer

By Lynette | 0 Comments

Want to go on Facebook Live from computer? I totally understand why. Facebook Live is a very exciting platform. It brings a lot of interaction with your audience and very important – by being seen on video, people get to know you and like you. That’s something no competitor can take away from you. Going…

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10 Sources For Print-On-Demand Mug Mockups

By Lynette | 0 Comments

Print on demand is an exciting business. Never before, have we had such freedom to create custom products for ourselves and to make money from. The thing about selling physical products, you need good pictures. You can always order your own designs and take your own photos which is highly recommended anyway but what if you don’t want…

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How To Create Stunning Blog Images Without A Photo Shoot

By Lynette | 2 Comments

I don’t have to tell you we live in a highly visual world. This has always been true, but I think as the Internet matured, and technology hurtles forward, the quality of images are also getting better. I’m not talking about how many megapixels an image has. I’m talking about composition, framing, style, and everything…

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Achieving Goals: Could It Be THIS Simple?

By Lynette | Comments Off on Achieving Goals: Could It Be THIS Simple?

Can I be open with you? The last couple of years has been the most challenging and yet the best. In fact, the last 2 years, I’ve experienced my best year ever – two years in a row! Quick Re-Cap In 2015, I won $25,000 in Armand Morin’s Better Your Best contest. I did this…

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