Guide For Creating Systems & Processes To Automate Your Business

How To Monetize A Website

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Congratulations! You are here because you realize your website has the potential to earn money. How do you go about doing it? Here are some steps you can put to use right away. Step 1: Start With Old Content If you’ve been producing content for a while, there’s quite a back catalog of content. We…

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How To Sell Digital Products Fast

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Are you looking to sell digital products easily? Then join us for a live class how to set up to do so. In the class, we’ll explore two options: Hosted system with no monthly fee Affordable self-hosted system Broadcast is on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 at 12pm Eastern time. Return to this page and be…

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How A Response Thank You Page Can Help Email Engagement

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Many email list services today allow you to tag or segment a people who have completed a certain action in your email. For example, open, clicked on any link or clicked on a specific link. Opens are still a little iffy and won’t work if you send pure text emails. So typically I would go…

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How To Create A Year Long Automated Social Media Campaign In Minutes

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You’ve worked hard on your content. Make it work hard for you, all year long, every.single.year. It’s all super easy. No long process involved. No paying for hours upon hours of work from your VA. In fact, if you do have a VA this will actually cut down her work and free up her time…

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What Is A Squeeze Page?

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Want to know what is a squeeze page? In short, it’s a web page whose singular focus is to get a visitor to opt-in to an offer. This is usually a free item like a: Trial account Report White paper Video Audio Class The actual item varies and is not important. What is important is…

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