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Regular auto blog & ping? Now this lady has an idea!

By Lynette Chandler | Comments Off on Regular auto blog & ping? Now this lady has an idea!

Olga is a fellow Traffic Secrets student and she’s come up with a cool idea. Marketing ideas, news and thoughts: Hard to Publish Regularly? I Might Have a Solution For You. I hope she has one for WordPress ­čÖé

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Sometimes You WANT To Pay Someone Monthly Fees

By Lynette Chandler | 14 Comments

Yesterday I had to upgrade a bunch of websites running certain software (or scripts) because of a security hole. A bunch of other people’s websites have already been defaced because of these holes. Which brings me to one very important lesson I learnt not too long ago, sometimes you want to pay someone monthly fees…

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Comment Spam – The “No Follow” saga

By Lynette Chandler | 12 Comments

Over 2 weeks ago, Google took the lead in an Internet-wide effort to curb comment spam particularly among blogs. Comment spam are comments left by certain spineless webmasters that add nothing of value to the post in discussion. E.g. visit my poker site which I’ve been getting almost daily lately. For my newsletter subscribers who’ve…

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What is Web Conferencing?

By Lynette Chandler | Comments Off on What is Web Conferencing?

It just occured to me some of my readers may be asking that very question after yesterday’s post and thought I’d expand a little further. If you want quick answer here are some definitions to web conferencing. That should give you a good idea but here’s my attempt to explain it and typical web conferencing…

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Why You Shouldn’t Have A Teleseminar

By Lynette Chandler | 4 Comments

According to a survey conducted by Russell Research, 90% of audio conference attendees say they multitask and do other things – in short, aren’t paying attention at all. Hmmm… really something to think about isn’t it especially these days in the Internet Marketing scene when everyone who’s anyone is holding teleseminars. Let’s do some simple…

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