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How To Create Beautiful Social Graphics With PowerPoint

Wait a minute. Did you say PowerPoint? Yep. Sure did! PowerPoint has enough built-in features that it can be quite a useful tool for creating images quickly, without a lot of skill. Granted, you do not get a ton of image editing options like you would PhotoShop. But most social graphics aren’t meant to be works of art. It needs to…

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Discover how to time your promotions

How To Know When To Time Your Promotions

You need to email people on your list. But don’t know the best time to send. You want to publish a blog post, but don’t know the best day to publish. Sound familiar? We’ve all read the theories. Just the other day, I was reading that blog posts get higher reads (or was it engagement)…

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How I Recovered Our Brand’s Twitter Username

Late last year, we re-branded our plugin business to Plugin Mill. At that time, I didn’t think too much about social media. The focus was 100% on the re-branding process and making sure customers and affiliates alike were taken care of. Now, we were ready for social media and more marketing and so, I set…

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