8 Ways To Boost Your Marketing With Creative Images

Thursday, December 18th, 2014
8 Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Creative Images

We constantly see creative quotes being shared, re-shared and pin on social media. Are images taking over content marketing? Hardly. What it definitely do is, entice people to check out your content, your website, and whatever you offer. The most common method is to create quotes by a respected thought leader. That’s OK but here are more ways you can use images to grab people’s attention and point them to what you have to offer. Quotes From Your Audience Whenever you engage with your audience, look out for the smart things they say. While it doesn’t have to be about you, or your products, it would be better if what they are talking about is inline with your brand. Slideshows Have a good article or blog post? Turn it into a slideshow but don’t just create plain old boring PowerPoint slides. Take advantage of photos. Find fantastic scenery or great shots that would support and emphasis your points. Take this presentation as an example. Promotional Graphics For Your Offers Do you have a free item people need to opt-in to get? Have product(s) and services? Holding an upcoming webinar? Instead of clogging up your blog sidebar with other people’s ads,

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Friend Requests from Acquaintances – A Facebook Dilemma Solved

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
Friend Requests from Acquaintances-092514

Here’s the harsh truth. I’m super picky who I ‘friend’ on Facebook. This is mostly because I don’t use my Facebook profile for business. My posts are often quite personal. Not as in bare my deepest pains and airing of dirty laundry, just more everyday stuff but still, rarely business. I have a page for that, am involved with several groups and am looking to creating more groups in the near future too. Definitely not anti-social. It’s really a reflection of how I live. By nature, it takes time for me to make friends. In my mind, friends are people who don’t mind my quirkiness and won’t judge me for being their polar opposite. When business acquaintances, people you just met, and those you don’t know well, sends a friend request, there’s no way to tell if they’d be offended by that or take it in stride. To accept or not to accept? That’s the question for the modern day. Thankfully, Facebook does have a way for you to take care of that problem. Put them on the Restricted list. When you add someone to the restricted list, they can only see your public posts and/or pictures or when you tag them. For a

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9 Facebook Hacks You Don't Know About

Doesn’t Facebook and productivity sound like an oxymoron? Most people don’t go to Facebook to be productive. As us who are in business, the mere mention of Facebook sometimes mean hours of time suck with little or no rewards. Ah, but I beg to differ! Like the in real life, Facebook is about the company you keep. I’m in a few high quality groups where excellent resources are shared on a daily basis. Some help me hone my coding skills and others have information I would like to return to for a later project. There’s certainly some good stuff on Facebook and it can also be a time suck. Here are some things I’ve discovered to help me do, get in and out quickly until I’m ready to unwind. Bookmarking Posts Facebook doesn’t have a favorite or bookmark feature but guess what? Each post has its own URL. That means you can bookmark it. On the post you’d like to save, look for the date it was posted or how many hours ago the post was published. This is usually on the top right next to the photo. Click that and it’ll be taken to a page displaying this post and its

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Email Shareable Images

To encourage sharing, I’ve started adding more share-friendly images to our blog posts. Thanks to our designer, these are often great looking. When I wrote the post on steps to take when WordPress updates fail, she created a great image that really captured the message. The day I emailed about the post, I added the image into the email. The email linked to the post but only after sending, did I realize my mistake. I should have added some share buttons to the bottom of the image as well. The idea is to use the share-friendly image to encourage people to share the post. I did this once but it totally escaped me that time. Live and learn! If you’d like to do this too and you use Aweber, there’s great news. Adding share buttons is super easy. Here’s how. Prepare Your Blog Post & Image Before you do anything, you should have a destination for your shared image. This simply means, when people click on the image, they should go somewhere. The most logical destination is a blog post that further explains the image. Make sure you have a great post with a shareable image. Be sure to specify the thumbnail

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Lifetime ShareAsImage Deal

Rarely do I get so excited about an offer that I feel compelled to write about it right away. This is among the few and it is that good plus there’s a deal at the end. So stick with me. The tool is Shareasimage. It’s amazingly simple. Anywhere you are online, you read something great on someone’s blog and you want to share that as a quote. Normally, you would simply copy and paste right? With Shareasimage, you highlight what you want to quote. Click the Shareasimage button on your browser and an image is created for you. Here’s one I made in 1 minute. From there, you can: Edit the text or add more text blocks Change the fonts, colors, size Change the background color Use a background image or texture Use your watermark <– Branding! But I think this is only for Pro accounts The good news is, Shareasimage is free. However, as any freemium tool, you are limited to the number of fonts, images and backgrounds. You also can’t download the image to your computer for use elsewhere. Pro accounts go for $8 a month. Here’s where the news gets even better for you. For an extremely limited

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Your Online Data is Not Isolated

Let’s start in November a few years ago. A  friend contacted me, obviously distressed. Her site had been hacked. I thought, no problem. We’ll get on it. It turned out to be not so routine. Eventually, we found out her website wasn’t hacked. Her domain was stolen. The new website was not hers. Not on her web hosting account. Someone stole her entire business from under her. Fast forward a couple of months. Another sobering story. Mat Honan, one of Wired’s senior writers had his Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Google Account completely wiped and his Twitter account hijacked. Then, I heard news of another friend’s domain getting hijacked. Then just this week, another major story. Naoki Hiroshima, creator of Cocoyon and developer for Echofan had his highly valued Twitter username extorted from him. What did the extortionist have on him? Oh… just all of his domains and PayPal account. Reading his story and the hacker’s responses sent chills up my spine. Since working with my client and learning about Mat Honan’s hacking, I’ve been careful. There’s still much to be done but definitely more careful. I worry a lot about what my husband puts out too. But that’s another story for another

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How To Create A Facebook Like Button

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

If you want to put a Facebook Like button on your site and pages do you know it is deceptively simple? Facebook provides you with a super-easy form. All you need to do is complete the form and it’ll give you the code. This code it gives you is an iframe version. There’s also a more complex option that requires more technical knowledge. That one has a little bit more advantage, I believe you can view stats with the advanced one. But really, the basic version does a lot on its own. If you’d like to keep it simple, head on over to this page. You’ll see a little code generator on the page like shown in this image. Enter your site URL, select the layout and various options available to you. Click Get Code. You will be given two sets of code. One is iframe and the other one is FBML. Use the top one – the iframe one. It’s the easiest. Copy that code to notepad or somewhere you store all these snippets of code like Evernote. Now go back to your web page or blog. Paste the code into the HTML or template. Keep in mind this

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