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Friend Requests from Acquaintances-092514

Friend Requests from Acquaintances – A Facebook Dilemma Solved

Here’s the harsh truth. I’m super picky who I ‘friend’ on Facebook. This is mostly because I don’t use my Facebook profile for business. My posts are often quite personal. Not as in bare my deepest pains and airing of dirty laundry, just more everyday stuff but still, rarely business. I have a page for that, am …

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Email Shareable Images

How To Add Shareable Images Into Your Emails With Aweber

To encourage sharing, I’ve started adding more share-friendly images to our blog posts. Thanks to our designer, these are often great looking. When I wrote the post on steps to take when WordPress updates fail, she created a great image that really captured the message. The day I emailed about the post, I added the image into …

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