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Discover how to time your promotions

How To Know When To Time Your Promotions

You need to email people on your list. But don’t know the best time to send. You want to publish a blog post, but don’t know the best day to publish. Sound familiar? We’ve all read the theories. Just the other day, I was reading that blog posts get higher reads (or was it engagement)…

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How To Create A Targeted Exit Promo To Lift Sales

Exit pop-ups are typically set up as list builders. Maybe because it doesn’t take a lot of additional planning to put an existing opt-in offer there. Or we could simply be conditioned to thinking pop-ups equal opt-ins. Here’s the trouble with opt-ins on exit. What’s the incentive? I’m not saying a plain opt-in doesn’t work.…

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12 Sure Ways To Find High Value Content Ideas

After blogging for 11 years, among the top challenges for me some days is figuring out what to write. Yes, I do keep a list of things to write and there are dozens of half finished drafts on my blog. So why do I still run into this problem? Most times it’s simply because I’m…

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Boost Your Brand’s Authenticity With These 5 Video Types

Every business strives to be credible. Few mediums allow you to express that than video. That’s why many people have trouble separating the actor as a person and the character they play in a popular TV show. It feels very real. If you’re going to use videos to build your authenticity, try these: Team &…

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