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Boost Your Brands Authenticity with  These 5 Types of Video-021015

Boost Your Brand’s Authenticity With These 5 Video Types

Every business strives to be credible. Few mediums allow you to express that than video. That’s why many people have trouble separating the actor as a person and the character they play in a popular TV show. It feels very real. If you’re going to use videos to build your authenticity, try these: Team & …

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8 Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Creative Images

8 Ways To Boost Your Marketing With Creative Images

We constantly see creative quotes being shared, re-shared and pin on social media. Are images taking over content marketing? Hardly. What it definitely do is, entice people to check out your content, your website, and whatever you offer. The most common method is to create quotes by a respected thought leader. That’s OK but here …

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6 Things You Should Be Doing On the Back End to Boost Your Posts

Both Planning AND Tracking Are Important for Successful Content Marketing

Creating content takes time and effort so you want to get as many eyes on your hard work as possible. Creating a content marketing plan is important. On the flip side, evaluating your content marketing metrics can help you to increase conversions. ProBlogger lays out in plain terms the 5 things that you should be …

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