Boost Your Brand’s Authenticity With These 5 Video Types

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
Boost Your Brands Authenticity with  These 5 Types of Video-021015

Every business strives to be credible. Few mediums allow you to express that than video. That’s why many people have trouble separating the actor as a person and the character they play in a popular TV show. It feels very real. If you’re going to use videos to build your authenticity, try these: Team & Culture People are curious by nature, and let’s just own up – a bit nosy. When we visit other people’s homes, we want to know what the rest of their house looks like. We see the happy people in the office next door and wonder what they do in there daily to make them so happy. Why not let them in? I’ll be the first to admit this is a terrifying thought. What about all the mess? Perhaps that’s what your customers need to see. That you aren’t perfect. Unless of course, you’re a decorator or someone who coaches others on organizing and de-cluttering. The deal here is, create a video interviewing your team members (if you have any) – it could even include your pet. Lynn Terry did a wonderful one introducing her (then) puppy Molly. So precious! If you don’t have team members,

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5 Tips For Popovers That Don’t Suck

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
How to Create  Popovers That Don’t Suck-012015

Love them or hate them, some popups make do make you stop, take notice, and take action. While others, meh… move on. Nothing interesting. So what makes a popup not suck? Quality Images Most popovers aren’t image-centric. That probably has a lot to do with the purpose of the popover. Still, images can provide visual interest for your message and buy you some extra time to get your message through. Try a quality, topic-focused image for your background. If you are announcing something like a sale – don’t stay with plain old text. Have a great looking image done. If you don’t have a designer, places like Canva are a great start. Different Offers For Different Pages Not everyone coming to your site enters the same way, or come with the same intentions and expectations. Someone who clicked through an ad to a piece of content will have much different expectations than another who clicked through a social media post. People visiting a free download page will again have different expectations than someone else who wants to read your blog to find our more about you. It only makes sense to present different offers to these visitors. Yes, it does

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8 Ways To Boost Your Marketing With Creative Images

Thursday, December 18th, 2014
8 Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Creative Images

We constantly see creative quotes being shared, re-shared and pin on social media. Are images taking over content marketing? Hardly. What it definitely do is, entice people to check out your content, your website, and whatever you offer. The most common method is to create quotes by a respected thought leader. That’s OK but here are more ways you can use images to grab people’s attention and point them to what you have to offer. Quotes From Your Audience Whenever you engage with your audience, look out for the smart things they say. While it doesn’t have to be about you, or your products, it would be better if what they are talking about is inline with your brand. Slideshows Have a good article or blog post? Turn it into a slideshow but don’t just create plain old boring PowerPoint slides. Take advantage of photos. Find fantastic scenery or great shots that would support and emphasis your points. Take this presentation as an example. Promotional Graphics For Your Offers Do you have a free item people need to opt-in to get? Have product(s) and services? Holding an upcoming webinar? Instead of clogging up your blog sidebar with other people’s ads,

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6 Things You Should Be Doing On the Back End to Boost Your Posts

Creating content takes time and effort so you want to get as many eyes on your hard work as possible. Creating a content marketing plan is important. On the flip side, evaluating your content marketing metrics can help you to increase conversions. ProBlogger lays out in plain terms the 5 things that you should be tracking to boost your bottom line.

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9 Methods and Places To Advertise Your Blog

Thursday, September 11th, 2014
9 Ways to Advertise Your blog

Starting a blog is easy. Getting people to visit and visit regularly – well… not so much. Some people will tell you traffic is a piece of cake and it might be – to them. As a new or somewhat new blogger, this may not be quite so easy. So perhaps you may be considering advertising. Before we move on, allow me to first define advertising. Yes, we all know what it is and what it means. However, from my experience, when people ask the question where can I advertise my blog, the are usually looking to get free exposure. Free Exposure If this is what you are looking for, then these are a few things you can and should try. Guest Blogging – despite some scare stories about Google not liking it – guess what? Sometimes, Google doesn’t matter (that) much. People do. So what blogs do your target reader frequent? Where do they get their news from? Identify those blogs and find out if they are open to guests authors. Write a solid, meaty post and pitch it. Answer Questions – There are tons of places where you can answer questions. Facebook has plenty of groups you can

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Why You Need To Write Shorter Posts

Thursday, June 19th, 2014
Write Shorter Blog Posts

Early in the year, I took a piece of advice from a very successful blogger. That’s to write shorter posts. It’s been tough. Every time I focus on a blog posts, it tends to end up in the 700 – 1000 word range. I’m not accepting defeat yet because there’s lots of good reasons we should all write shorter.   1. Conserve Your Mental Energy Since shorter posts tend to be less intensive, they are faster to write and publish. This leaves you more brainpower to focus on heavier, more thought provoking stories that are longer. 2. Challenge Your Writing Skills I used to be a copywriter at an ad agency. Each time I presented the senior copywriter with my work, he’d take a pen and start crossing things out. Then, he tells me. Good, but shorter. Our copy winds up on product labels, print ads, posters, billboards and TV. You don’t have the luxury of time nor space in any of those mediums. It was downright challenging but I enjoyed it all the same because it truly forces you to become a better communicator. 3. Your Audience Doesn’t Have The Time Recent surveys show that 60% of Internet access is mostly

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More and more, the Internet is getting visual. Images get shared on social networks like crazy. You may have even seen websites where the entire background is filled with a high quality image. Such excellent eye candy. But how do you leverage the graphics craze for your business? These 5 methods can help. Inspire You see them everywhere on social networks. Quotes made into images. Some are awful. Some are gorgeous. They are the easiest to create. All you need is a list of quotes and a graphics editor. There are also plenty of common quotes you can easily find. Don’t stop there. Think back to your past. Think about people who have influenced you. What did they say to inspire you? Dig into your own blog posts. Surely there are some great snippets you can pull out as a quote. This technique is great for bringing people back to your blog where you can further sell, offer and promote. As for graphics editors, there’s Social Graphics Pro, Canva and Pixlr for image geeks. The best thing, they are all online. No installs, no downloads. Teach Photos are perfect to quickly show someone the steps to do something. You take

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When your blog is bare and you feel pressured to create content, there are a number of ways you can brainstorm for ideas, like hitting photo sites, your RSS readers or review your notebook. Or… you can use these four tools. They are fun to use and you’re going to come away with more than one idea. Upworthy Generatory This is not owned or affiliated with the real Upworthy but they do have sensational headlines that make you want to click. Very cool but sadly most of those titles don’t work for my current blogs. It could for you and so Upworthy Generator is in the list. Portent’s Content Idea Generator This is a simple tool but I love the way it is presented. Each title also gives you hints why this title works and funny quips. Also nice that you can keep hitting the generate button and get a new title. Linkbait Generator This is the first tool I ever found way back when but forgot about it. Very similar to Portent’s and they all sort of work on the same idea. Topical Brainstorm Perhaps the most comprehensive of all, once you enter a keyword, you’ll get this long list

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The 2 Minute Blog Post

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

This is a tip I’ve shared with BlogEnergizer subscribers – among many others – if you like it, go get on the list ;). Every week, an email comes in from SlideShare with the week’s hottest presentations. I always look forward to these because they’ve done a ton of the content curation work for me by narrowing down the popular ones. This way, if I share one from this list, it’ll resonate because it’s proven to be popular. I’ll review to see what is topping the charts. 90% of the time, I find the top presentations relevant to our audience. I suppose because SlideShare is rather business-centric, but there are also a lot of general life stuff there so don’t let this turn you away. Also, if you go to the home page of SlideShare, they tell you what is Hot on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are ripe for picking. Once I zero in on the one that is relevant to our audience, I’ll grab the embed code. Then, I’ll create a post, paste the embed code, add a paragraph with key thoughts of my own and voila! Blog post in about 2 minutes. Then came the problem. You see,

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