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Improve Your Website Branding In Under A Minute

By Lynette | 2 Comments

I don’t use Facebook’s Messenger app. Or any Facebook app for that matter. The reason is simple. To conserve space on the phone To save power because many apps just run automatically in the background To save data for the same reason as above I only access Facebook through the phone’s browser that comes with it. In…

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9 Smart Triggers You Should Absolutely Implement On Your Site

By Lynette | 6 Comments

Consumers are a tricky bunch. We want to hear about sales and offers from businesses of our choosing. But, we don’t like to be sold to all the time. Yet, we do want businesses to sell us products we are looking for. This makes marketing a little challenging. Big companies with deep pockets have long…

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How To Be Productive On Facebook

By Lynette | 7 Comments

Facebook and productivity. Sounds like a paradox. But it needn’t be. Facebook and social media in general does have down sides. No denying that. Even so, it is a great place to advertise. And because of it’s massive reach, a good place to engage your followers and customers. I’ll show you one simple strategy I use, to…

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How To Create Beautiful Social Graphics With PowerPoint

By Lynette | 5 Comments

Wait a minute. Did you say PowerPoint? Yep. Sure did! PowerPoint has enough built-in features that it can be quite a useful tool for creating images quickly, without a lot of skill. Granted, you do not get a ton of image editing options like you would PhotoShop. But most social graphics aren’t meant to be works of art. It needs to…

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Easily Build A Searchable Ad Swipe Library

By Lynette | Comments Off on Easily Build A Searchable Ad Swipe Library

Despite its name, I don’t use Evernote for notes. Sure, there are some in there but the majority of my “notes” are bits and snippets of stuff I want to save. There are lots of things I save. Amongst them, are ads. Why do I save these? To build a library of “what others are doing”. It also…

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