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Easily Build A Searchable Ad Swipe Library

By Lynette | Comments Off on Easily Build A Searchable Ad Swipe Library

Despite its name, I don’t use Evernote for notes. Sure, there are some in there but the majority of my “notes” are bits and snippets of stuff I want to save. There are lots of things I save. Amongst them, are ads. Why do I save these? To build a library of “what others are doing”. It also…

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7 Reasons Why Your Plans Fail Every Year

By Lynette | 10 Comments

Ah! It is that magical time when we are all anticipating new beginnings. We’re excited to start afresh and make big plans for the year ahead. We all know how it ends. In just a few weeks, we will falter. Obstacles lay in our path. Life gets in the way. Soon, we are at the…

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How I Sold Myself For $25,000 And It Feels GREAT

By Lynette | 21 Comments

It’s not what you think. At least, I hope not. This. Is about how I worked for 9 months. Then got up on stage to convince other smart business people to write me a $25,000 check. To tell this story, let me start at a weekend trip all the way back in November 2014. I packed my family…

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9 Surprisingly Simple Blog Boosting Techniques You Should Do Now

By Lynette | 4 Comments

What if I told you, that creating new content is only part of the blogging equation? That writing regular blog posts, is not the task that’s going to bring in the money. Not by itself that is. Few things are runaway successes on the first go around, on their own. That is rare. Usually, it’s a combination of actions,…

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How To Know When To Time Your Promotions

By Lynette | 6 Comments
Discover how to time your promotions

You need to email people on your list. But don’t know the best time to send. You want to publish a blog post, but don’t know the best day to publish. Sound familiar? We’ve all read the theories. Just the other day, I was reading that blog posts get higher reads (or was it engagement)…

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