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I Stopped Reading Self-Help Books And This Is What Happened

By Lynette | 2 Comments

Early this year, I read an article about books successful people read, fully expecting a list of popular classics. What I found intrigued me. The article claimed successful people preferred biographies. Now, I know that these type of articles have some people miffed. Just because we do something successful people do, doesn’t mean we will be just…

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Do Images Get More Attention On Social Media? We Tested It And Here’s What We Found

By Lynette | 4 Comments

I hear people say all the time. Use photos in your social media posts. They get the engagement up. Yeah. OK… People can tell you all kinds of things. How do you know if something works? There’s no better way than to try it. Here’s what I did. When I come across a post I…

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9 Places For Statistics To Bolster Your Content

By Lynette | 5 Comments

In a previous post, I talked a bit about adding research data and statistics to your content. This helps improve credibility, strengthen your message, and create unique content – in the case when using ready made content. The problem is, sometimes data is a bit elusive. At the same time there’s also plenty out there. To save…

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6 Powerful But Shockingly Simple Tools Every Content Creator Should Have

By Lynette | 9 Comments

Read stories how people use content to skyrocket to the top. Rarely is it done with complicated tools. Do they use tools to aid them? Sure, but not with that hot tool of the week that you must buy or forever suffer from failure. So what do they use? Swipe File Few ideas are brand…

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If You Want Progress, Stop Learning. Start Doing

By Lynette | 4 Comments

One of my long time friends online is Susanne Myers. Susanne started out about the same time I did. She focused on affiliate products while I worked on my service business and later, my own products. Anyone who has ever owned a service business knows. It’s not that different from a job. A few years…

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