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Latest Guru Revelation

By Lynette | Comments Off on Latest Guru Revelation

If you haven’t been following my other blog Chasing The Gurus, why not drop by today? I’ve just posted more new ‘divine’ revelations in my quest to soak up and apply all what I learnt through these gurus. This post is awesome. Hint it’s about The Reese Report.

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Neat Way To Monetize RSS?

By Lynette | Comments Off on Neat Way To Monetize RSS?

I published this week’s article and as usual, my newsletter readers were the first to be notified. This article (or the solution) came about by accident. I just love it sometimes when I’m asked for solutions, you never know what your brain can create on the spur of the moment. Anyway, go read the article…

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The BEST and FREE Marketing Magazine

By Lynette | Comments Off on The BEST and FREE Marketing Magazine

This is probably the best marketing magazine I’ve ever read and it costs absolutely nothing except maybe a few minutes of your time to fill in the form. I’m talking about Target Marketing Magazine for direct marketers. Very highly recommended. Jam packed with valuable info and stats (I love stats) and snapshots. Pick up your…

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Just Because I’m a ‘Supreme Nerd’…

By Lynette | Comments Off on Just Because I’m a ‘Supreme Nerd’…

Doesn’t mean I feel above everyone nor do I talk in code :-). Take a look around TechBasedMarketing’s articles and see… just thought I’d get that straight. Don’t want people to miscontrue that little silly Nerd Quotient Excercise.

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Instant Video Generator Honest Review

By Lynette | Comments Off on Instant Video Generator Honest Review

The mailing list software I used choked this week. For the first time I sent to two lists I had and I don’t even have that many members *grumble* Ah technology, love it and hate it. Anyway this week I finally covered Instant Video Generator. The private call was awesome but how did the product…

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