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Brandable RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator

By Lynette | Comments Off on Brandable RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator

A few months back I thought this would be such a cool marketing tool and whoever got into it first or at least very quickly will benefit the most because after a while when everyone starts to get their own reader, you’d find it everywhere and people begin to see it as a nuisance than…

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Using Blogs For Research

By Lynette | Comments Off on Using Blogs For Research

How to use blogs to research your product, market niche and gather feedback.

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Brandable RSS Toolbars

By Lynette | Comments Off on Brandable RSS Toolbars

Lately I’ve been struggling with some issues. Do I want to give up my email list for RSS subscription? Although my advise to many businesses is to do both but surely you and I understand the angst of relinquishing the privilege to contact people and push our messages to them at any time. Yes, it’s…

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IRS Wants Your PayPal Account

By Lynette | Comments Off on IRS Wants Your PayPal Account

Uh Oh… the IRS wants your PayPal account information now. It’s been reported that a summons has been issued by a US District Court Judge to PayPal to hand over records all the way back to 1999 – that’s pretty much from the beginning of PayPal. Apparently, the IRS wants to know who’s stashing up…

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You Know It’s Big When…

By Lynette | Comments Off on You Know It’s Big When…

Things start showing up in your web stats. For the longest time I have been advising businesses online to pay attention to mobile devices. We need to make our websites friendly or at the very least friendlier to tiny screens. That includes me. Yes, I know my blog displays wrong on mobile screens right now.…

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