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Other Casting – Going Beyond Podcasts

By Lynette | Comments Off on Other Casting – Going Beyond Podcasts

While discussing podcasting on the Underachiever’s forum I was reminded about the real power of RSS Casting. What is RSS Casting? Well technically there is no such thing as RSS Casting that’s just something I made up 😉 You see what makes a podcast a podcast is simply because the RSS points to an audio…

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Podcast Marketing A Reality?

By Lynette | Comments Off on Podcast Marketing A Reality?

Podcasting truly has a lot of potential for marketers even if they don’t regularly publish audio files (purists probably disagree with me here) you see, podcasts are a great way to distribute all those audio files. In 2004 it seemed to me everyone was publishing or making available their teleseminar calls for downloading and I’d…

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The Podcast Network

By Lynette | Comments Off on The Podcast Network

Those who are podcasting on a regular basis, the podcast network is good news and a perfect example how to monetize your podcasts as some of you already figured it out, you can carry audio ads or paid interviews just like a regular radio show but more interestingly is how they create different shows hosted…

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Regular auto blog & ping? Now this lady has an idea!

By Lynette | Comments Off on Regular auto blog & ping? Now this lady has an idea!

Olga is a fellow Traffic Secrets student and she’s come up with a cool idea. Marketing ideas, news and thoughts: Hard to Publish Regularly? I Might Have a Solution For You. I hope she has one for WordPress 🙂

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Sometimes You WANT To Pay Someone Monthly Fees

By Lynette | 14 Comments

Yesterday I had to upgrade a bunch of websites running certain software (or scripts) because of a security hole. A bunch of other people’s websites have already been defaced because of these holes. Which brings me to one very important lesson I learnt not too long ago, sometimes you want to pay someone monthly fees…

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