9 Places For Statistics To Bolster Your Content

9 Places For Statistics To Bolster Your Content

In a previous post, I talked a bit about adding research data and statistics to your content. This helps improve credibility, strengthen your message, and create unique content – in the case when using ready made content. The problem is, sometimes data is a bit elusive. At the same time there’s also plenty out there. To save…

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If You Want to Progress Stop Learning - Start Doing

If You Want Progress, Stop Learning. Start Doing

One of my long time friends online is Susanne Myers. Susanne started out about the same time I did. She focused on affiliate products while I worked on my service business and later, my own products. Anyone who has ever owned a service business knows. It’s not that different from a job. A few years…

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9 Things To Avoid When Choosing A WordPress Theme

Help with choosing a WordPress theme is perhaps the most popular question one around. It is a legitimate question. We all want our site to look good, and true to our vision. If you’re seeking a theme, here’s what you want to avoid. #1 Spending Too Much Time Choosing People spend far too much time…

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