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Using PayPal to Sell Digital Downloads

Selling digital products doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can do it in a very barebones method with PayPal and with no unnecessary spending at all. That is exactly how I started knowing absolutely zero about selling digital downloads. Is this the absolute best method? No, but it certainly is the fastest method…

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Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

The worst thing an entrepreneur can do is busy work. No wonder we like to stay productive at all times. Productivity can cover a wide number of things. Not just about managing time. To me, part of being productive is to shave off time everywhere I can. Even if it means seconds because they all…

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Why Reduce Image Sizes On Your Website

Ever hear people talk about reducing the image size on their website but are afraid to ask why? Well I’m going to help you out and explain it all to you. Most digital pictures today have a pretty high quality. Even a low-end cell phone or digital cameras is capable of several megapixels. This is…

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