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Can Webinars Truly Bring In Sales?

Recently, I was invited to attend a webinar about how businesses can be built 100% around webinars. The speaker claims their products were sold entirely via webinars only and of course, the customary point that they make really good money doing it too. Because he was involved with the (offline) seminar scene in the past,…

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Prepare For Interviews With Evernote

If there’s one thing we almost never turn down, it is being interviewed. If the audience fits, and the timing works for our schedule, it doesn’t matter if you’re a new site, blog, podcast or whatever we will say yes. Over the years we’ve appeared in many different places. From Internet radio shows to podcasts…

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4 Tips For Growing Businesses With Online Meetings

Here’s a white paper I came across that you might be interested in. Offered by Webex, it outlines how online meetings can help jump start your sales volume while minimizing lost time and major investment. Request your copy here. While we are on the subject of online meetings, you might know that my husband and…

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Our Web Conferencing Is Going Flash

Whoo hoo! This is a super exciting time for us at Meeting On Now. We’ve received news from our provider that our web conferencing solution is going to flash. This would mean our clients will soon be able to open their web conferences and webinars to users of Mac or Linux. At this time, we…

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