NoiseHush Clip-on Bluetooth

My learning library is overflowing with videos, audios, audiobooks and more. The need to consume knowledge is real but who has time to sit around to watch and listen? It’s no secret. I leverage my workout time to gain back hours of my day. I’m still doing it. This is how I consume Coach Glue’s Sticky Passive Income course. It’s worked very well. What has not worked out well, is the hardware. You see, I have wired headsets. If you’ve ever done this yourself, you know it’s super easy to catch your hand on the cord while you’re walking or running. Thankfully I have not broken the iPad nor hurt myself all this time. I’ve been looking for the perfect wireless headset for a long time but they are either too expensive or just not very good. The answer came to me one day not in the form of a headset (surprise!) but a dongle, by NoiseHush. This device is a tiny thing – see picture below. It is bluetooth. That means, I first have to set it up to connect to the iPad. You can also connect to the iPhone, or Android device. Once connected, plug in your favorite headset into

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Can Webinars Truly Bring In Sales?

Friday, March 18th, 2011
Computer and audio equipment

Recently, I was invited to attend a webinar about how businesses can be built 100% around webinars. The speaker claims their products were sold entirely via webinars only and of course, the customary point that they make really good money doing it too. Because he was involved with the (offline) seminar scene in the past, he acknowledged he simply ported the offline seminar model onto online webinars. Now, I won’t pretend to know anything about offline seminars. But I have a good idea speakers can make some really good money. And that sort of tampered my skepticism about his claims. That very weekend, we held the CSS Quickstart class. It was of course held in a webinar format. It was amazing! Best class I’ve ever led, the energy was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve always enjoyed speaking as a guest on other people’s webinars and this was no different. But I came out of that weekend with a new understanding – even though this was not my first webinar. This time, I really felt a thirst for live instruction and a true connection with people who attended. And yes, we made sales. We had people who signed up

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Prepare For Interviews With Evernote

Monday, February 21st, 2011

If there’s one thing we almost never turn down, it is being interviewed. If the audience fits, and the timing works for our schedule, it doesn’t matter if you’re a new site, blog, podcast or whatever we will say yes. Over the years we’ve appeared in many different places. From Internet radio shows to podcasts to webinars and teleseminars. Sometimes we would be given a list of questions, at other times we only get a gist of what we will be talking about. Either way, generally I like to prepare some kind of talking points before the show. This is usually brainstormed on a piece of paper because I think better that way. Still, I have to (embarrassingly) admit that my scrawls aren’t always the neatest. There have been times in the middle of talking, I couldn’t make sense of what I wrote earlier and completely lost my train of thought. *Sigh* Not good. Now that Evernote is our best friend… I actually enter my talking points into Evernote. Sometimes, I skip the paper altogether and at other times I just use my Livescribe (best friend #2) then export the notes into text which is pasted into Evernote. So far,

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Here’s a white paper I came across that you might be interested in. Offered by Webex, it outlines how online meetings can help jump start your sales volume while minimizing lost time and major investment. Request your copy here. While we are on the subject of online meetings, you might know that my husband and I offer a web conferencing service. If you didn’t, now you do well, over the years, the program has improved a LOT. Like… The room is now 100% flash based meaning it is Windows, Mac and even Linux friendly. All you need is an Internet connection, a microphone and a web cam which is optional. Video replay. You can play a recorded video and it will be broadcasted to everyone in the room. Desktop sharing. Where you can show others what you are doing right on your screen. Conduct private audio or text chat. Great feature when you have staff working behind the scenes and you can communicate without interrupting the conference. Super easy PowerPoint presentations. Upload your PowerPoint presentation and hit play. The room even stores your presentations. That way, repeat presentations can be started quickly with minimal administration. Improved permissions. Ban, kick a

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Our Web Conferencing Is Going Flash

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Whoo hoo! This is a super exciting time for us at Meeting On Now. We’ve received news from our provider that our web conferencing solution is going to flash. This would mean our clients will soon be able to open their web conferences and webinars to users of Mac or Linux. At this time, we are not sure if the host can be on Mac or not but we imagine so as the new version seems to be all flash. The good news and what we do know is the rooms will continue to have desktop sharing, audio, video, text chat, browser, follow me and all that good stuff that is available in our existing Windows only solution. That would be sweet! We also aren’t sure where the pricing will be or if there would be any changes. Our service provider also hasn’t given us a release date. Both Ken (Meeting On Now Product Manager) and I have checked out the beta demo room, the audio is sounding nice and clear, the video not too shabby either. But there’s still a lot more work to be done to get it to the stage of the existing software feature wise. As

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