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Maintain Multiple WordPress Sites With MainWP

Being a veteran WordPress user, I’ve tried a lot of different tools to manage multiple WordPress sites. Since 2012, I’ve used InfiniteWP and they are good! The main system is free which is awesome and no monthly fee (huge deal). The only issue is – their add-ons are very expensive. I missed out on their initial low…

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The Truth About Data Recovery

If you failed to backup your computer and it died. Would you pay big bucks to restore that data from your hard drive? Depending on what you have on it but I’d say if your whole business is on it, you’d probably think seriously about it. Here’s the thing that many don’t realize about data…

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Where Should You Host Your Infoproduct Files?

This may seem like an elementary issue for some but I know many, especially first time info product marketers tend to wonder and worry about bandwidth issues. Do you upload your product to your own web site or to Amazon S3 or another file hosting service. If the product is only a simple PDF or…

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Quick and Easy Security Reminder

When was the last time you changed your logins? I know… Each time I think about changing passwords I cringe. There are SO many of them! But you don’t have to change them all and having a password manager like Roboform or 1Password for Macs absolutely helps. It’s kinda crazy going without them. What you…

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How To Broadcast To Facebook Live On Your Computer

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