Have I Too Many Plugins? How Many Is Too Many?

Monday, November 10th, 2014
How many plugins is too many

This is a question I see popup a lot over Facebook groups, forums, and anywhere WordPress is discussed. The concern is legitimate. Too many plugins slows down a site we’ve been told. Nobody wants that. Least of all, those of us who sell online. Contrary to popular belief (and regurgitated advice), it’s not the number of plugins you have – well, not always. It really boils down to how well a plugin is written. Some plugins don’t do anything on the front end, they are for admins and therefore will have no impact on visitor loading time – or at least it shouldn’t if it is well written. Some, do load on the front end but are well written so they only load the resources needed when they need it – therefore, no load time is compromised. Others load a ton of Javascript and CSS on each page whether needed or not and some even dump tens and hundreds of lines of Javascript/CSS in the header! Others are really badly written, not using the standards and programming options WP has in place which could also contribute to the problem. Oy! I’ve seen them and you may be surprised how many plugins are poorly

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An actual screen shot of the Kindle app on my iPad

It’s funny how technology changes your habits, preferences and opinion about some things over time. When I first dipped my toes in Internet Marketing, eBooks were pretty much the only way information marketers sold their info. I purchased many a book, some of them were wrapped into an executable file which I hated because I couldn’t get that content into the Palm – oh yeah! Then info product sellers started using PDFs which were better but not by much. I had to run the file through a conversion program and if the file was protected I was out of luck. It was a tedious affair. No wonder after a while, I quit trying. Internet speeds got faster, video and audio blew up and I started preferring to listen instead since audios were easier to carry on a small MP3 player and is mobile. It didn’t take long to begin dreading eBooks and all those PDF documents. Don’t get me wrong, I paid for some of them because I wanted them but the thought of reading them on the computer – even a laptop was… tiresome. Everything changed when we got an Android phone and then an iPad. Wow! Suddenly, I

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Plugin preview

I’m working on a new way to present and display our checklists, lessons and guides in TechBasedTraining. Because a lot of these things are done in a step-by-step manner, I thought it would be good to display them as a process and started build it using some simple jQuery. This was my result Fortunately, while poking around at CodeCanyon one day I stumbled on this great plugin that does this very thing in a much more attractive manner – not to mention less coding for me. Take a look at Dynamic Step Process Panels. I think you’ll agree with me it’s such a nice looking and useful plugin to guide people through the steps they need to complete. They also have a non-WordPress version. While in CodeCanyon, I also found this other impressive plugin called Timetable for WordPress. I’m thinking it might look great for schools, community sites, theaters or even a gated community to display webinar schedules.

Screenshot of table styles

Do I have a goodie for you! During an Ask Armand session (part of AM2), Armand Morin was answering a question regarding tables in WordPress. What happened was, this person had created a table in Dreamweaver with styles they wanted then pasted the table into WordPress. Of course the results were not as expected. Those of us who are familiar with WordPress and in general web building completely understand the reason why. One thing Armand said struck me. That tables in WordPress are not always straightforward. He’s right but it need not be so at all. In our CSS Quickstart training, I recorded a small demo for students how the CSS hierarchy works and I thought, well this would be the ultimate demonstration. So I created a stylesheet just for tables and made it into a plugin. You install the plugin and with some very minor modifications to your table will now use these pretty styles instead of whatever the theme designer has set. This Pretty CSS Tables plugin pack includes 4 styles and you can download the plugin here More thoughts: Although the plugin is nice and convenient, it actually works out best if you could create the styles

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List Authors Plus Plugin

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Wow, I was so caught up with security that I totally forgot to tell y’all about my new plugin. Well, I told ya this was coming out a week ago and here it is. This plugin was created after I got tired of patching together bits and pieces of coding and couldn’t make things work properly. Also in response to some client requests. List Authors Plus lets you list authors on your blog as well as filter out authors by role, individual ID or name. It’ll also organize the authors by most posts if you wish. Why not use wp_list_authors tag? Because that tag (at this time) is limited. It can only filter out admin but not selective roles or people. That is the biggest thing. Sorting is also not possible. Maybe WordPress will add them in the future but for right now if you need to do this, use our plugin. This is the official page for the plugin. This is the download page for it over at WordPress Plugin Database. Enjoy!

New Plugin Heads Up

Monday, October 6th, 2008

I’m finally releasing a WP plugin. Been wanting to do this forever, got caught up with other things at least one is finally here. This will probably not be my last but I think it’ll be a while yet till the next one comes along or maybe not. I have so many ideas. Anyway, I’m still working out the listing and all that jazz. Should let you know in a day or two where you can download it. This plugin is more an admin plugin. Simple, but through my experience something that blog owners have been looking for that is to extend the existing wp_list_authors template tag. The current tag is still not very developed. You can list authors and remove admins but that’s about it. The plugin will allow you to have finer control over who to display and more importantly allow you to display ‘top authors’. Watch this space.