How many plugins is too many

Have I Too Many Plugins? How Many Is Too Many?

This is a question I see popup a lot over Facebook groups, forums, and anywhere WordPress is discussed. The concern is legitimate. Too many plugins slows down a site we’ve been told. Nobody wants that. Least of all, those of us who sell online. Contrary to popular belief (and regurgitated advice), it’s not the number of plugins you…

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An actual screen shot of the Kindle app on my iPad

How You Can Finally Catch Up With All Those Info Products

It’s funny how technology changes your habits, preferences and opinion about some things over time. When I first dipped my toes in Internet Marketing, eBooks were pretty much the only way information marketers sold their info. I purchased many a book, some of them were wrapped into an executable file which I hated because I…

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Screenshot of table styles

Free Plugin: Pretty CSS Tables For WordPress

Do I have a goodie for you! During an Ask Armand session (part of AM2), Armand Morin was answering a question regarding tables in WordPress. What happened was, this person had created a table in Dreamweaver with styles they wanted then pasted the table into WordPress. Of course the results were not as expected. Those…

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