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Easily Convert PSD to WordPress


I like pretty things, especially pretty website designs and have a bad habit of collecting them. The tough part is, many designers create in PhotoShop and deliver their designs in .psd format – a PhotoShop file. This is often called an un-coded template. To get it into WordPress, I have to spend hours on the …

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WP Affiliate Pro in menu

WP Affiliate Pro Review


If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin to help automate your affiliate linking, then WP Affiliate Pro definitely does that. But, how hard is inserting affiliate links anyway? That was exactly my thoughts when I hear of this plugin. You see, most of my affiliate linking is done manually. I really like the ability to …

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PL Add

Pretty Link Pro WordPress Plugin


In 2009, I was looking for a plugin that allowed me to host my own short URLs for social media because, I… Didn’t like that others controlled my most important links that I wanted to track. Wanted to tweet links my friends trust to click through without fear of malicious content (my domain, my brand). …

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Burn DVD’s For Free


If you’re trying to save a copy of your data onto a CD to share or simply to backup. These days, you won’t need any special software. Your computer should pick up the disk you inserted is a blank, writable disc and ask you if you’d like to burn data onto it. As for DVD’s, …

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