My Screen Recorder Pro Free Trial

This is a screen recording software. It lets you record a video of your actions on your computer, so it’s an alternative to Camtasia which carries a pretty hefty price tag that not all of us can afford starting out. My Screen Recorder Pro records to AVI or WMV. You can also create self playing…

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Free Checklist: Changing WordPress URL

Hey everyone, I recently whipped this little checklist up. Something that you can print out (or not) and add into your systems folder to pass on to your assistants if need be. It walks you through all the steps you need to do if you installed WordPress in one folder – say /blog/ or /wordpress/…

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Easily Convert PSD to WordPress

I like pretty things, especially pretty website designs and have a bad habit of collecting them. The tough part is, many designers create in PhotoShop and deliver their designs in .psd format – a PhotoShop file. This is often called an un-coded template. To get it into WordPress, I have to spend hours on the…

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ZoneAlarm Free Extreme Security Scan

When it comes to computers, I like them zippy and responsive. It is just super annoying to have to wait and it is strange how a few seconds can seem like an eternity on a computer. A new computer is not always the answer. Just like your home, it is always a good thing to…

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WP Affiliate Pro Review

If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin to help automate your affiliate linking, then WP Affiliate Pro definitely does that. But, how hard is inserting affiliate links anyway? That was exactly my thoughts when I hear of this plugin. You see, most of my affiliate linking is done manually. I really like the ability to…

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9 Blog Boosting Tasks Checklist

Get the checklist so you can grow your blog now.

Get Your Blog Title Swipe File

Write blog titles that get the click with the help of this swipe file.

10-Step Guide To Systemize and Automate Your Business

Grow your business without wearing yourself out.

How To Broadcast To Facebook Live On Your Computer

Screen share and broadcast live on Facebook through your computer - even in groups and event pages you do not manage. Download this step-by-step illustrated tutorial to get you up and running today.

Download "Affordable Live Streaming Equipment" For Later

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