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Achieving Goals: Could It Be THIS Simple?

Can I be open with you? The last couple of years has been the most challenging and yet the best. In fact, the last 2 years, I’ve experienced my best year ever – two years in a row! Quick Re-Cap In 2015, I won $25,000 in Armand Morin’s Better Your Best contest. I did this…

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7 Reasons Why Your Plans Fail Every Year

Ah! It is that magical time when we are all anticipating new beginnings. We’re excited to start afresh and make big plans for the year ahead. We all know how it ends. In just a few weeks, we will falter. Obstacles lay in our path. Life gets in the way. Soon, we are at the…

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How I Sold Myself For $25,000 And It Feels GREAT

It’s not what you think. At least, I hope not. This. Is about how I worked for 9 months. Then got up on stage to convince other smart business people to write me a $25,000 check. To tell this story, let me start at a weekend trip all the way back in November 2014. I packed my family…

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The Podcast Episode That Made Me Cry

That is rather an embarrassing admission. I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t shed tears easily. I guess in some ways I don’t. For example, I didn’t cry on my kids’ first day of school. One thing is for sure. I don’t cry over a podcast episode. Whoever heard of something so silly?…

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Just Wait Till They Find Out What You Really Know

Those are the exact words I often hear running through my head. It may sound strange to you, but I’d never heard of the term impostor syndrome until last week when I decided to load a presentation by Chris Lema into the Swift app for a listen. If you’ve haven’t heard of it before or are…

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