Why do my emails look different in Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail?

For some reason, the text in my HTML emails appear a little wider in Outlook than in Gmail or other email systems. What am I doing wrong? Could it have anything to do with 1ShoppingCart? Photocredit: webbfredag Answer Chances are, it’s NOT a 1ShoppingCart issue but more of the way email clients read HTML. Imagine Outlook,…

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Moving van

How To Move WordPress From Development To Live Site

A friend recently built her clients’ new WordPress site in a sub-folder so the old site would remain functional while they worked on the new one. Now that she’s ready to go live, she wasn’t sure how to move the new site to the main domain and asked if I would be available. I told…

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How to turn off comments globally in WordPress

A friend asked recently, Isn’t there a way in WordPress to turn of comments globally? I have unchecked everything in the discussion settings and the posts still show a comment box. What have I missed? There are 3 things you need to keep in mind when it comes to comment display. The general setting, Old posts and the theme.…

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Insufficient Permissions Error While Working With A Plugin

The insufficient permissions error can cover a lot of different things. And that’s the bad news. It means the solutions can also be very different each time. That’s why it is absolutely important to pay attention to what you are doing just before you hit the problem. That’s true no matter what you’re doing but…

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What Happened To The WWW In My URL?

Another good question from our mailbag “The www seemed to have disappeared from my site when I visit it. I always use www in my links but when I go to my site it loads without the www in it.” Before I go into the likely fix, a little back story so you understand the…

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