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How Thank You Pages Can Boost Your Passive Income

Did you know there are invisible pages on your website that can really serve you well to boost your income? They are your thank you pages. What is that? It’s the page that people land on after they: Subscribed to your list Joined your webinar Bought your product Why are they ignored? I think it’s because…

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7 Content Tweaks You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren’t)

According to Internet usability expert Jakob Nielsen, people don’t read online. They scan and pick out individual words and sentences. He said this a long time ago. But it still holds true. Perhaps even more so today as our attention span online gets shorter. This can be a challenge for content producers. We know content…

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How To Spy On Your Competitor’s Facebook Ad Targeting

I know ad targeting is all about knowing your audience. But even when you know them pretty well, sometimes you want to explore those who are right next to the ones you mostly target. At other times, you might just want to try something a little different. This is why I started paying attention to how I am targeted…

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How To Turn On Extensions In Incognito Mode

Incognito mode in Chrome allows you to visit a site without being tracked. It is very helpful when you want to maintain your privacy. For me, it is less about privacy, but more about testing and logging into different accounts on the same site. For example. I am logged into Amazon all the time under my…

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How To Broadcast To Facebook Live On Your Computer

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