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Evernote For Remembering Key Web Design Details

Years ago, I worked for a paint company as marketing exec. In my office is a huge blue binder packed with nothing but corporate representation design details. It had a page detailing how the logo should be drawn, the height to width ratio and how it should be represented in black and white and color.…

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How To Check If Your Site Has Resolved

Among the dreaded things when moving web hosts is waiting for your domain to resolve. If you’re new to all this – it simply means it takes time for all the networks around the world to catch up to this change. It could be almost immediate for you but may take up to a day…

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What’s Eating Up Your Website Disk Space?

You’re trying to update your blog but something is not right. Maybe you can’t upload an image or your posts won’t save. You log in to your cPanel to find out you are out of web space. How can that be when you host all your heavy audios, videos and downloadable files on Amazon? Here’s…

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Prepare Your Widgets Before Switching WordPress Themes

This week, I’m working on a new theme for one of our sites that have been using the same theme since 2008. Definitely time for a change. It’s not just a fresh design. I’m actually changing themes to Builder so I can have a radically different design on some pages and they must be responsive.…

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