What To Do When WordPress Update Fails

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
What To Do WhenWordPresss Update Fails

The dreaded updates. Sometimes, it’s a bit more scary like a blank page, appearing like the site disappeared. At other times, it’s frustrating stuff like not being able to log into the admin. Then there are smaller annoyances like things disappearing, and visual editor is gone. In working with WordPress over 10 years, this is what I know for sure. Your site usually hasn’t disappeared or been deleted. Could it happen, yes but not often. 90% of the time, it is either: Theme incompatibility Plugin incompatibility Upload or upgrade process didn’t complete properly or somehow the files are corrupted. Also, your posts are not gone. Here’s why. An upgrade overrides the files. Not the database. These are two systems working together to deliver your content. Unless your database is corrupt, usually you are good to go. Step 1 Before you do anything it might be a good idea to backup first. What did you say? Backup? I can’t even get into WordPress how am I supposed to backup? Ah! That’s one of the reasons you should always have an alternative backup option. You could, Backup your files the manual way Use a third party host-level backup Why backup at this late

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If you have recently upgraded to WordPress 3.6  you might have noticed something extremely annoying. A popup that keeps coming up warning you that you need a later version of jQuery for BlockUI to work. If you’re lucky, this only appears in the admin area and only on selected pages. If you’re not, it would appear on every public page. Something that’s bound to make your site visitors complain – or turn them off completely. What in the world is BlockUI? Why is this annoying you on some sites but not others and how do you get rid of it once and for all? BlockUI is a jQuery (Javascript) plugin that lets developers display a popover window – normally to prompt you to do something or to display a message. Some plugins and themes use this and that’s why you get this complaint. The fastest way to get rid of this is to deactivate the plugin. If you don’t know which plugin is the culprit, simply deactivate all and re-enable them one at a time till you find the one. A classic solution but works almost every time. If all plugins are de-activated and you still have this issue, chances are it

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The built in upgrade and plugin update feature in WordPress is an absolute dream. Sure I know how to do it all manually but yuck, who wants to when you have tens of sites to handle? But the update process can be… well let’s just say finicky. You know, I kinda expect that. It is difficult if not impossible to create software that would work on every web server in the world now and forever – that would be perfection and we all know it doesn’t exist. But what really stumped me is, two sites on the very same server. One update works flawlessly and the other always burps. ARGH! In fact, Kelly McCausey asked me about this issue once on a call because she too experiences this on some clients’ sites. Funnily, some plugins update and some don’t on the same site for her. It’s all so strange. I didn’t have an answer for her then but I may now. Possible Solution 1 Repair database tables. This is the furthest solution from my mind. My database tables seemed healthy. There were no problems maybe just a high overhead on one table so I went into phpMyAdmin to first optimize

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Watch How I Do WP Upgrades

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Every time WordPress releases an update small or otherwise, you can almost see the throwing up of hands of those who have multiple installations. Every time WordPress releases an update, I also remind people they don’t have to throw up their hands in frustration and tell them about WP Auto Installer. Well, this time, I’ve decided to show you how easy WP Upgrades are for me. All done in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Even the video is short – could be shorter still if I weren’t flapping my jaws Watch it… Then get the plugin.

Crikey! How in the world did a simple task turn out into a monster project? During the weekend, I figured I would take a few short minutes to fire up my handy WP Auto Upgrade to upgrade all my sites. I also thought, while I was add it, to do one or two tasks to secure each installation. One of the first steps was to create an inventory of all the sites, each site’s WP version, what is running on every one of them, date of last update/upgrade and who they are hosted with. photo credit: ninjapoodles Well that sure turned into a mega project. I now am reminded I need to decide once and for all what to do with some of these sites. A few were inherited from my brother and since defunct. Some needed to be moved and traffic re-directed. Some need to be re-freshed. Not looking forward to the work. On the other hand it also gives me great pleasure to finally look at them now and see clearly what I will do with them. Whereas before, it was the dreaded “I don’t know…” hence the procrastination. How sweet it is, the Power of Focus 

WordPress Upgrade – Again

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

The WordPress Dev Team released the latest version (2.5) over the weekend. Have you upgraded yet or are you thinking oh no… not another upgrade. I just did an upgrade X days ago. Yes ma’am WordPress has been really busy. I’m looking at their Releases feed and it’s been crazy. Since May 2007, there has been an update or emergency release almost every month. Some months there were multiple releases to boot. An administrative nightmare if you run multiple blogs or worse. Like I do, almost all websites are powered by WordPress. You don’t have to upgrade of course, but sometimes you don’t have much choice, for example, security upgrades. Upgrades to any software is generally a good idea – maybe not bleeding edge upgrades but keeping your software up to date also means you can take advantage of the latest features. One big reason I am a fan of regularly updating is because the longer you neglect it, the harder it is to upgrade when you finally decide to. Problem is, upgrading is such a mind numbingly boring task. It’s also time consuming because you have to wait for it to upload etc. To make it easier, there is the

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