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What To Do When WordPress Update Fails

The dreaded updates. Sometimes, it’s a bit more scary like a blank page, appearing like the site disappeared. At other times, it’s frustrating stuff like not being able to log into the admin. Then there are smaller annoyances like things disappearing, and visual editor is gone. In working with WordPress over 10 years, this is what…

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How To Disable Your WordPress Plugins Without Admin Access

From time, to time, you may not be able to log in to your WordPress admin area. To troubleshoot, you may need to disable your WordPress plugins. Before you begin, this process absolutely requires FTP or cPanel access. In this tutorial, we show you using cPanel. You could achieve the very same thing using FTP…

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WordPress Widgets No Longer Drag-able

Here’s a chance for you to have a good laugh at my expense. Once while working on a WordPress site (something I do all day long), I clicked on Widgets to manage the different pieces of content for the site’s sidebar and home page. When the Widgets screen loaded, it looked really strange for some…

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