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Everybody Hates Spam

Spam is the evil thing that creeps into your inbox unwanted. You all know what I’m talking about. Well, Wordfence, has released version 5.3.2 with a new feature called referring blocking. If you’re already using the Wordfence plugin be sure to update to take advantage of this and if you’re not yet using it then…

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Alert! Awesome Screenshot Users

If you use the browser add-on Awesome Screenshots, you need to pay attention and uninstall it right away. At time of writing, it is leaking a lot of stuff – well basically every single website you’ve visited, private or otherwise. Admittedly, months ago, I had this very extension installed because sometimes, I’m too lazy to launch…

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14 Action Steps To Secure WordPress Now

I’ve written a lot about the steps to secure WordPress. It is a bit of a wonder that I don’t have them listed in one place for you to refer to over and over. Well, I’m rectifying that right now. Here are so actions, with updated information you need to take immediately. Install iThemes Security…

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What Is Heartbleed & What Should I Do About It?

The web has been alight with the heartbleed vulnerability. If you’ve only heard of it in passing, listen up. This one is a biggie. The bad news – it affects a lot of web servers. If you have a website, there’s a good chance the server could be vulnerable. If you’d like to check your…

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Why You Can’t Think Of Your Data In Isolation Anymore

Let’s start in November a few years ago. A friend contacted me, obviously distressed. Her site had been hacked. I thought, no problem. We’ll get on it. It turned out to be not so routine. Eventually, we found out her website wasn’t hacked. Her domain was stolen. The new website was not hers. Not on…

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