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Achieving Goals: Could It Be THIS Simple?

Can I be open with you? The last couple of years has been the most challenging and yet the best. In fact, the last 2 years, I’ve experienced my best year ever – two years in a row! Quick Re-Cap In 2015, I won $25,000 in Armand Morin’s Better Your Best contest. I did this…

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How To Turn On Extensions In Incognito Mode

Incognito mode in Chrome allows you to visit a site without being tracked. It is very helpful when you want to maintain your privacy. For me, it is less about privacy, but more about testing and logging into different accounts on the same site. For example. I am logged into Amazon all the time under my…

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7 Reasons Why Your Plans Fail Every Year

Ah! It is that magical time when we are all anticipating new beginnings. We’re excited to start afresh and make big plans for the year ahead. We all know how it ends. In just a few weeks, we will falter. Obstacles lay in our path. Life gets in the way. Soon, we are at the…

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WordPress Formatting Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Yay! WordPress has introduced Formatting Shortcuts in the editor and I’m super excited because this tremendously reduces writing friction. Writing friction? What’s that? Simply put, the less you have to move between keyboard and mouse, the faster you will be at writing. I’ve touched on previously too when talking about keyboard shortcuts for WordPress. This…

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7 Ways To Stay Productive Without Internet or Power

Right before I sit down to write this, the power goes off. That’s the second power outage in 24 hours here and it’s not uncommon since we are close to the coast and in a hurricane prone area. It’s either that or the Internet goes out. While it’s terribly inconvenient, I’ve learned to figure out what…

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