9 Facebook Hacks You Don't Know About

Doesn’t Facebook and productivity sound like an oxymoron? Most people don’t go to Facebook to be productive. As us who are in business, the mere mention of Facebook sometimes mean hours of time suck with little or no rewards. Ah, but I beg to differ! Like the in real life, Facebook is about the company you keep. I’m in a few high quality groups where excellent resources are shared on a daily basis. Some help me hone my coding skills and others have information I would like to return to for a later project. There’s certainly some good stuff on Facebook and it can also be a time suck. Here are some things I’ve discovered to help me do, get in and out quickly until I’m ready to unwind. Bookmarking Posts Facebook doesn’t have a favorite or bookmark feature but guess what? Each post has its own URL. That means you can bookmark it. On the post you’d like to save, look for the date it was posted or how many hours ago the post was published. This is usually on the top right next to the photo. Click that and it’ll be taken to a page displaying this post and its

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Useful htaccess Commands For WordPress

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

The .htaccess file, it is a small text file that holds commands that tells your website to do or not do certain things. These commands can be super helpful for example if you want to move all your affiliate links into a new directory, you could write a command to do it instead of manually changing links. And the more common task when it comes to WordPress, it is the file that holds the commands to make your URLs nice and readable. Beyond that, on many WordPress installs, I also have a list of other commands running to help with various tasks. Here are some of them. Close WordPress Site This is great so you can work on it or keep people from snooping on a new project. There are plugins that you can use to shut down your site but many of them only create a mask. They don’t really shut off access and people can still login. This keeps people out by IP and show everyone else a message (see the reference to Upgrade.html) in there? You’d need to create a page, name it Upgrade.html, save it in the same folder, and enter your message there. View the code

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Organize Files Your Way No Download Required

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Here’s a little trick I’ve learned along the way. Sometimes when files begin to fill up a folder on your computer, the list can become – well… difficult to manage. In Windows [File] Explorer, you can click the column heading to sort by date or application type or file name and so on but that doesn’t always work. For example, you would much prefer to have one particular file on the very top of the list, but the file name begins with an alphabet in the middle of the pack. If you sort by file name, that’s going to put the file somewhere in the middle or the bottom. In the screen shot, see how I have that file PDFBrander.exe in the middle of all those files? While working with the files in that folder, I would much prefer it to be listed as the first file in the list. Easy peasy. Click on the file name twice (slower than a double click) so you can edit the file name. At the front of the file name, add a number from 1-0 or a symbol like what I’ve done. Now when I re-sort this folder, the file is the very

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