NoiseHush Clip-on Bluetooth

My learning library is overflowing with videos, audios, audiobooks and more. The need to consume knowledge is real but who has time to sit around to watch and listen? It’s no secret. I leverage my workout time to gain back hours of my day. I’m still doing it. This is how I consume¬†Coach Glue’s Sticky Passive Income course. It’s worked very well. What has not worked out well, is the hardware. You see, I have wired headsets. If you’ve ever done this yourself, you know it’s super easy to catch your hand on the cord while you’re walking or running. Thankfully I have not broken the iPad nor hurt myself all this time. I’ve been looking for the perfect wireless headset for a long time but they are either too expensive or just not very good. The answer came to me one day not in the form of a headset (surprise!) but a dongle, by NoiseHush. This device is a tiny thing – see picture below. It is bluetooth. That means, I first have to set it up to connect to the iPad. You can also connect to the¬†iPhone, or Android device. Once connected, plug in your favorite headset into

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Too much or too little by kennymatic

Despite my love of tech, it decided to snub me this year. It all happened when we returned from a vacation. The old faithful computer built by my husband refused to boot up. So, we bought a new one off the rack. Something I’ve not done since 2000. Just a few days shy of its 4th month, this new computer experienced a hard drive failure. What? Are you kidding me? Because I had to scramble both that first time and this time, I didn’t have time to set up the computer properly and some of my files haven’t even made it to the new computer yet. This meant my files and backups were scattered over two computers. It was the dock that came to my rescue. Even though I could not boot up on the failed drive, I managed to retrieve them using the dock. What is a hard drive dock? It is a modern computing thing of marvel and is exactly what the name suggests. You take a hard drive – like the one that failed on the computer, or a brand new one – stick it into the dock. Plug the dock into a working computer’s USB port

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Do You Text For Business?

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Photo credit: gary tamin The younger generation loves texting. Almost all new cell phones are capable of text. I personally like using text messages for alerts like appointment alerts from Google Calendar. Simply because I’m the type of person who needs prompting. What about you? Do you use text in your business at all? Do you communicate with staff or even customers with it? YesNo