Google Docs does a fantastic job of saving and maintaining your documents for you. However, as a small business owner, it’s only smart to want to store a copy (or copies) of your documents on your own drives – just in case. After all, a lot of time, hard work and resources have been spent to create and maintain them. Many people recommend syncing with Google Drive on your computer and other computers. Even I did. After some research, I’ve discovered I was wrong! If you ever open up the .gdoc and .gsheet files in a plain text editor, you will see they contain nothing but a URL to the document itself (and some document ID references). If you can’t find the document from within Google Docs itself I suppose this could be very helpful. However, seeing the file doesn’t actually contain the document contents, this is not going to help in the event the document gets corrupted or deleted completely. Here’s what you can do instead to backup your Google Docs documents. Download All Your Documents In Native Format Log in to your Google Drive, click on My Drive. On the top of the right panel, click the checkbox.

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What To Do When WordPress Update Fails

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
What To Do WhenWordPresss Update Fails

The dreaded updates. Sometimes, it’s a bit more scary like a blank page, appearing like the site disappeared. At other times, it’s frustrating stuff like not being able to log into the admin. Then there are smaller annoyances like things disappearing, and visual editor is gone. In working with WordPress over 10 years, this is what I know for sure. Your site usually hasn’t disappeared or been deleted. Could it happen, yes but not often. 90% of the time, it is either: Theme incompatibility Plugin incompatibility Upload or upgrade process didn’t complete properly or somehow the files are corrupted. Also, your posts are not gone. Here’s why. An upgrade overrides the files. Not the database. These are two systems working together to deliver your content. Unless your database is corrupt, usually you are good to go. Step 1 Before you do anything it might be a good idea to backup first. What did you say? Backup? I can’t even get into WordPress how am I supposed to backup? Ah! That’s one of the reasons you should always have an alternative backup option. You could, Backup your files the manual way Use a third party host-level backup Why backup at this late

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What’s Eating Up Your Website Disk Space?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

You’re trying to update your blog but something is not right. Maybe you can’t upload an image or your posts won’t save. You log in to your cPanel to find out you are out of web space. How can that be when you host all your heavy audios, videos and downloadable files on Amazon? Here’s what you should check. How many themes? It’s so easy to get carried away test driving themes – especially when you’re getting started. You settle on one and as time goes by, forget the rest. Individually they are not very large but upload many and watch your disk space fill up. All you need is your existing theme, it’s parent and one default theme as a fallback. Everything else is unnecessary. Unused plugins Same thing with plugins. Time to do some housekeeping of unused plugins. Catchall email, also known as default address Some hosts these days have this disabled but it’s still a good thing to check. I remember when I was a rookie webmaster, my web hosting account was full to the brim and there was nothing huge in my files. There wasn’t even any database or WordPress. The culprit was the catchall email.

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Too much or too little by kennymatic

Despite my love of tech, it decided to snub me this year. It all happened when we returned from a vacation. The old faithful computer built by my husband refused to boot up. So, we bought a new one off the rack. Something I’ve not done since 2000. Just a few days shy of its 4th month, this new computer experienced a hard drive failure. What? Are you kidding me? Because I had to scramble both that first time and this time, I didn’t have time to set up the computer properly and some of my files haven’t even made it to the new computer yet. This meant my files and backups were scattered over two computers. It was the dock that came to my rescue. Even though I could not boot up on the failed drive, I managed to retrieve them using the dock. What is a hard drive dock? It is a modern computing thing of marvel and is exactly what the name suggests. You take a hard drive – like the one that failed on the computer, or a brand new one – stick it into the dock. Plug the dock into a working computer’s USB port

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File Corrupted

In this day and age. Nobody should need to explain to you the importance of backing up your business files, and your web site! Seriously. If you still need your butt kicked for not backing up then you’re beyond help. Yes, strong words, not my usual style but hey sometimes that’s needed. If you are already backing up well good for you but not so fast! When was the last time you checked your backup integrity? I mean, open up the backup files, check to see if they actually work. If you backed up your web site, open up your zip file and just take a look at the files. One of the things I tend to look for is file size. If the main file size is unusually large. Something is definitely up. If the file size is 0MB then you know you’re in trouble. Yes, that’s happened to me before. Open it up take a peek. I’m not saying you have to do this every single backup although if you have the time to do it, don’t let me stop you. But take a moment to pencil in a date once a month or once every week whatever

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Backup Buddy Coupon

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I know this is short notice, I didn’t know this either but Backup Buddy pricing is fixing to increase – today June 7th, 2011. That is enticing enough to go ahead and pick up this excellent plugin. However, the guys at iThemes have sweetened the pot even more by giving us a 33% off coupon. That’s more than the 25% customers get. Which means this is a fantastic time to get a Developer’s version for unlimited sites at $100.50 – regular is $150. I have no idea how much it be after that. This means you save by paying the old price and once more with the coupon. According to their blog, you have to use the coupon code BB33 during checkout. If you’ve been eying this, now is the time and yes you still have time – valid until midnight US Central time. Don’t think you can ignore backups this is so crucial! Just ask anyone who has ever lost anything on their site it can shut your business down. Plus, Backup Buddy does a lot more than just backup WordPress.  You can backup non-WordPress files and data so so important if your site also hosts other scripts like

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How To Reverse Your WordPress Upgrade

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Here’s the cold truth. Anytime you upgrade anything, there’s always a chance something will go awfully wrong. That’s why you backup your files and your database which is what we have been doing in this mini 3-part series. Let’s say you have upgraded and find that the upgrade is all wrong. This tutorial will show you how we roll back a failed upgrade to the previous stable version. Like in the last two tutorials, this rollback method is based on the assumption you backed up both database and files the way we showed you. There are many ways to do this but for us, this is one of the easier manual methods we use. Warning! This method will involve deleting the existing database and WordPress files do not proceed without making sure you have a back up of the original pre-upgrade files and database. You can also backup the failed upgrade again just to be doubly sure. We also encourage you to practice on a copy of your site beforehand. By following this tutorial you agree not to hold us responsible for any problems or loss of data. Proceed at  your own risk. Restore old database This is the nice

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How To Backup A Website: Database

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Unlike sites of the past where much of it is 100% HTML driven, today you’ll more likely find a site run by some kind of content management system (CMS) or an adapted blog system like WordPress. CMS’s require two parts to run. The files (which is the code itself) and the database. And that also means, when you backup a CMS powered site you have to backup both files/folders and database. If you don’t backup your files and folders, chances are you will lose all your carefully designed templates and themes. If you don’t backup the database, you’ll lose your content (ouch!). Either way it is not pleasant. In the previous post, we shared how to manually backup your files and folders via cPanel that you might want to check out first. Those of you who know cPanel fairly well may wonder why I don’t use the backup feature within cPanel itself. Ahh! There is a method to my madness. Because, sometimes all you may want is selected files – like when you’re backing up WordPress to get ready for an upgrade, you don’t want everything else. Also, when doing upgrades, I do not want to download the files to

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How To Backup A Website: Files and Folders

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

There’s been quite a few requests for a tutorial to backup a website or blog. So I’m going to do a 3 part series this week covering: Backing up files and folders Backing up database Reversing a WordPress upgrade You may wonder at the third one. It does seem like an odd topic and not related to website backups but it is very relevant because in order to revert to an older version of WordPress, you will need to begin with backups and the method of backup we will show you in this series will make it a whole lot easier to restore a failed WordPress upgrade. In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating the backup and restore using cPanel because that’s what we use and that’s what we like. There are many ways to do a backup. There are also plugins to help you and make it all automatic and easy. This tutorial will show the manual (and free) way because… let’s just say, I’m the type who believes that you should know how to light a candle or a lamp if your power goes off Now we’re ready, let’s go! Objective: To backup website or WordPress files only,

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How Prepared Is Your Business?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Life and nature has a way of taking us by surprise. Some surprises are awesome and bring a smile to our face. Others aren’t so fun. In business these surprises come in different ways. A law suit that could completely ruin our business, a natural disaster that could ruin all our equipment or a malicious attack that brings your website to its knees. Then is not the time to ask “Now what?” This is the time. When things are running smoothly, when the sun is shining and birds are chirping. That’s when we should ask ourselves the question what will we do to prepare for these surprises. I’ve talked about the importance of website backup or archival so many times on this blog. Today, I saw an upcoming service which confirms my advise has always been solid. Seriously, I do not write this blog and do everything I do to deceive you. If that was the case, I’d be out of business a long time ago but here we are, 6 years down the road and TechBaseMarketing is better than ever. Ok waayyy off on a tangent there, let’s come back to the point. The service I saw today is

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