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Does Your Theme Have Malware?

No doubt by now you know I am a huge WordPress fan – sure there are things that irritate me but so far they have been livable. I also love, love, love developing and modifying themes particularly to use a CMS. Over time, the WordPress community has been inundated by well… less ethical designers. …

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CoolnCollected Free WordPress Theme

As promised, a few days ago, here’s a theme based off Kubrick. This was originally done for my husband’s blog. At that time, I didn’t have the time to code it up from scratch so I used Michael Heilemann’s fabulous theme as a basis. No hidden code or crazy linking terms. Download here to by clicking on…

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Busy As A Bee? Mind Your Hive With Hiveminder

Have you got a million tasks at hand? On any given day, I have my own tasks as well as tasks that have been handed out to others that I need to manage. While there are many excellent task managers out there, I believe I’ve found my ideal tool over the weekend. One of the…

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Video Content Shift?

Right now, most of us consume video content online, on our computers. But, like audio, more and more people will demand their video content to go. I still remember very briefly touching on this oh maybe 1-2 years ago. Then, portable video players were very expensive. Now? Shoot, you can buy a video/mp3 player for…

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A Phone Call And A Postcard

Been absent from here lately. That’s because I’ve been working on a lot of different things. Including two very interesting services. They are both low tech products but given the extra zing with the latest technologies. I’m talking about Instant Teleseminar and Send Out Cards. These are by no means ground breaking products, but made…

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