Switching To Full Feeds

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Should your RSS feeds be summaries or full content? There are pros and cons to both. For the longest time I’ve wrestled with this and refused to do full feeds, fearing content robbers. You know, those who grab your RSS feed to display your content on their website without having the decency to ask you. But after owning a web enabled hand held device, I can see just how frustrating summary feeds are. You may have noticed lately there are a lot of posts around mobile marketing, mobile content and all things mobile. That’s because I believe mobility will be (is) a big part of the Internet. Also, in re-visiting many arguments for full feeds, some sites claim that having full feeds actually bring people to your site – contrary to popular belief. Full feed proponents also report some gain in RSS readership. So, I’m finally ready to test it out. How do you like your feeds?

The Real Strength In Blogs

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Why do some blogs just come out of no where and make the A-list? What are many business bloggers missing? This quick 3 minute audio originally from my WAHMTalkRadio segment quickly uncovers “The Secret”…. MP3 File

Blogging On Limited Time

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

How does a busy entrepreneur find time to blog? When you visit many blogs today you’ll see posts upon posts. Some blogs are so active, there are new articles every few hours. First, let me dispel the myth. A successful blog for your business does not have to be posted to daily or several times a day… unless that is your business. And there are ways to blog at a fairly good pace without running yourself down or being glued to the computer. This audio from my WAHMTalkRadio segment talks about various ways to blog without sacrificing an ungodly amount of time. MP3 File

Selling Physical Products By Subscription

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Subscriptions aren't limited to digital or online products only. Book clubs, music clubs, coffee, hosiery, cosmetics and more have been sold by subsription for a long time now. Find out why and how to set up your own subscription product line. MP3 File

Private Label Site Builder

Friday, January 20th, 2006

So, you want to offer people web hosting with web site builder? Maybe you are building a portal where you want to re-sell web hosting with a web site builder. That was exactly what a listener wanted to do so she asked for my assistance… find out where and what – only 3 minutes long MP3 File

(Podcast) XSitePro, A Review

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

So I admit it – it's going to sound much more like a gushing rave than my normal style. I try to be objective about the products I review but once in a while along comes a product that really blows you away so you'll have to pardon my enthusiasm about this software. It's truly an indication how I feel about the software and I’ve been using it since Beta Testing stage and today marks the 1 year anniversary since I got it. If you want to jump directly to a video about XSitePro (not created by me), right this way please. MP3 File

The Repo Man Is A Gadget

Friday, December 9th, 2005

It’s always interesting to see how businesses use technology. Some are more adventourous than others. According to a news report on USAToday.com, car dealers are opting for a gadget called PayTeck Smart Box that will cut off the ignition when no payment is made. When you do make a payment, you are prompted to enter a code into a keypad installed in the car to ‘unlock’ the iginition. In short, no payment, no car. Not sure how I feel about it from a customer’s perspective, but strictly from the tech marketer point of view it’s pretty smart. Source: USAToday.com

(Podcast) Affiliate Systems

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

In just under 4 minutes, this podcast is all about the different affiliate systems available, from third party to inhouse solutions. Software and solutions mentioned: Hosted Affiliate Systems Clickbank – only does digital goods Shareasale – will do both digital and physical goods and works slightly differently – it's a pre-paid system Digital River – popular with software products MyAffiliateProgram Affiliate Scripts Groundbreak Affiliate System iDevAffiliate – I've used this and it's quite good for one off purchases. If you're handing subscription or recurring commissions, I suggest you do not use it even though it's capable of it – but I found the recurring commissions confusing. Third Party Affiliate Systems PayDotCom – I use this too. Point and click easy 1ShoppingCart – The best, can be quite a learning curve ThirdSphere – Get it all in one MP3 File

Free Video Content

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Since Jason Potash released Article Announcer earlier this year, everyone is now talking about and sharing their 'secrets' about article marketing. As a student of Jason Potash, I have used articles too and it really has paid off nicely but then it got me to thinking about trends and technology (hey that's what Tech Based Marketing is all about). Today, audio and video is so popular. When people like CNet are putting up videos, you got video iPods, portable multimedia players and McDonalds has a podcast, you know the demand is there. So… how does that all tie together and what do you get when you cross article marketing and screencasts? Free Video Content. Ok, so it's only an idea and isn't even awfully original. In this podcast I share my thoughts about free video content, how to use it and where to host them. MP3 File

(Podcast) Syndicating With RSS

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Are you taking advantage of RSS? Asking people to subscribe is ok but that’s not all RSS can do for you. Join me and in a little under 7 minutes, I’ll share one of the most powerful uses of RSS many marketers overlook. MP3 File So now you know you want to syndicate your content but what happens if you can’t churn out all that content? You’ll want to visit the ladies at All Private Label Content. They’ll be able to help.