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Exhibiting Refinement – Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stands have experienced a significant upgrade in their design since the days of a fold-out table and a hastily assembled four pole tent. Now, advanced laser printing techniques combined with superior hardware and media display options make exhibition stands a dynamic and engaging presence on the trading floor. Depending on the complexity of the…

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The Amazon Business Cloud

For a small business, setting up an email server is an expensive proposition. The server will cost thousands for just the hardware alone. The software licensing is even more and the work involved traditionally takes weeks. Amazon has been quietly solving these and other challenges to cloud computing for the small business for some years…

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Marketing Automation Success Requires More Than Just Software

Sirius Decisions reported a staggering statistic: only 25 percent of marketing automation software users are getting the full value from their system. Marketing automation is a rapidly growing segment of the enterprise software market, but clearly something is missing. Software is an excellent way to automate and streamline processes in the front office, but you…

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GoldRun – An Augmented Reality Platform

Imagine yourself walking down the street. The app on your mobile suddenly detects a virtual floating shirt, 10 feet ahead of you. You take a pic of the shirt using your app and instantly a coupon for 10% off at the nearest H&M store appears on your phone. Welcome to the world of augmented reality.…

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Using High Tech Method To Market A Low Tech Product

Pilot Pens has created a very interesting, high tech marketing campaign. Here’s how it works. You print a template from the site, complete the boxes in your own hand writing – or a different hand writing if you’re into calligraphy. Then position the template in front of your computer’s web cam. Visit the pilot website,…

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