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9 Surprisingly Simple Blog Boosting Techniques You Should Do Now

9 Surprisingly Simple Blog Boosting Techniques You Should Do Now

What if I told you, that creating new content is only part of the blogging equation? That writing regular blog posts, is not the task that’s going to bring in the money. Not by itself that is. Few things are runaway successes on the first go around, on their own. That is rare. Usually, it’s a combination of actions,…

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12 Sure Ways To Find High Value Content Ideas

After blogging for 11 years, among the top challenges for me some days is figuring out what to write. Yes, I do keep a list of things to write and there are dozens of half finished drafts on my blog. So why do I still run into this problem? Most times it’s simply because I’m…

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9 Ways to Advertise Your blog

9 Methods and Places To Advertise Your Blog

Starting a blog is easy. Getting people to visit and visit regularly – well… not so much. Some people will tell you traffic is a piece of cake and it might be – to them. As a new or somewhat new blogger, this may not be quite so easy. So perhaps you may be considering…

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8 Lessons Learned from Content Creation Challenge

8 Lessons From 21 Days of Content Curation

For the last 21 days, you may have seen a new post from me everyday with this blue label. If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter (why not? Sign up here.), you missed the announcement that I decided to accept a public challenge, to curate one item a day and promote it daily for 21…

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6 Things You Should Be Doing On the Back End to Boost Your Posts

Pitch Your Guest Post The Right Way

Guest posting isn’t dead. You might have heard about Google assumedly frowning at it but you know what? I personally, rarely worry about them. Yes, there are horror stories of people’s business and website suddenly losing 80% of their traffic because of de-listing but that tells me, perhaps there’s too heavy a reliance on upon…

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