How To Find Crowd-Pleasing Blog Topics To Write

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
5 Tips to Find Blogging Inspiration-031914

Blogging. It is so much easier when you know what to write about. Even so, writing is a resource intensive exercise. Little wonder, we want to get the most bang for our efforts. If each post we write satisfies every reader deeply, wouldn’t that be grand? While there will be hits and misses, here’s how you can learn to be a “topic radar”. Practice it enough, you’ll end up writing a lot more crowd-pleasing posts than not. Let’s get started. Find Out What People Are Asking This is a great place to start. The way the Internet is, you’ll never find a shortage of places to find questions people are asking. Very often, you’ll find questions specific to your industry. Find questions at: Yahoo Answers StackExchange Quora Facebook groups about your industry Comments area of blogs you read Webinars you attend Offline seminars you attend Questions people ask you Stop By The Magazines (and Tabloids) Print publications are expensive to produce. You know they aren’t going to waste their time and money on some just any topic that comes by. They also have to keep advertisers happy by ensuring the magazines are bought and read. Piggy back off their research.

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Services like WordPress hosting offer specialized information that can be best conveyed through a blog which shares relevant information to a target audience. There are many points to note in blog creation today. The best web host will provide your product with a hosting service that meets those points. Here are some of those points and some information on how to create a blog that is right for your content. Some Information on What is Required for a Blog to be a Success:- Blogs communicate information to a target audience that are known as “followers” or “fans”. The blog should offer a product and information about how well that product can serve a target niche. If you do this effectively then your product will sell itself. You must maintain a personal responsibility with your followers. If you offer, or recommend, a product that is defective then your blog will lose credibility. This is an important point to remember. Never forget that fact. It can cost you your success. You have to understand how to convey information in a manner that effectively reaches your target audience. If you fail at effective communication then that information on your blog will not be

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Color Blind Test For Your Web Site

Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Color blind results 1

Have you ever thought about this at all? If you or someone close to you isn’t color blind, chances are you have never thought to put your web site through a color blind test. I’ll admit it has never crossed my mind until today. If you want to check your site there are two cool tools you can use. Warning the images and styles may not look all that pretty and your goals my be different from mine. For me, the top concern is with readability of content and links and am satisfied with the results. Color Blind Web Page Filter Vischeck Here’s what our home page looks like. I’ve noticed the reds what most of us are so fond of to highlight important headlines and all that don’t fare too well. At this point I’m not sure if it warrants any major re-design but something to maybe limit perhaps. The blues turn out well though which is another reason why not to mess with blue links unless there’s real good reason – e.g. links you have to have on the site but don’t really want anyone to click on. I’m also somewhat relieved our logo managed to stay largely

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Where Can I Get Blog Software?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Here’s a mind boggling factoid. According to BlogPulse, close to 50,000 new blogs were discovered in the last 24 hours. So it’s no wonder you too may be bitten by the blogging bug. What’s your next step? Why get a blog software of course. How Involved Do You Want To Be? Unlike web publishing tools of yesteryears, blog software are almost always web based. But even between web based options there is a big difference between the software. Some are as simple as signing up for an account and others are more involved, requiring your own web hosting and a little more technical knowledge. What’s The Difference? It’s all about control. The more control you want over your blog – like ability to edit the design any which way you want and put up pretty much anything your heart desires, the chances are you’re better off with a blog that you host and manage. This requires technical know how or the available resources to hire someone with the technical know how. Generally this is recommended for those who plan to use the blog as a business promotion tool or use it as a means to earn some money. On the

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There’s No Such Thing As Indispensable

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
Kelly and Lynette Cross Blog Conversation

If you didn’t know it already, next week, I’ll be speaking at the Hot Seminar Series about the many things you can do with WordPress. Oh yes, it is not just to build blogs. Meanwhile, Kelly has invited me to a cross blog conversation. What does that mean? Kelly started the conversation with a post on her blog and now I answer her question here and we’ll keep it up as long as possible or until the conversation fizzles out. Here’s what Kelly asked me. Lynette, you know I think you’re amazing, right? What impresses me most is that you’re not intimidated by the unknown.  (And to me it seems like technology is filled with the unknown!)  I look at strange code and want to run away, you look at it and get drawn in.  I don’t always get it – but with you around I don’t have to. I’ve learned so much about working with WordPress from you and I don’t tell you often enough that I appreciate having you as a resource when I’m knee deep in something I can’t figure out.  Do you ever feel ‘too relied on’ by others? Can you tell me what you love

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Where To Get Questions To Blog About

Friday, June 25th, 2010
Question Mark

Do you have a “Ask Me” page on your blog? If not, I’d suggest you put one up. Questions are a great way to provide content and the content is highly interesting to your readers because – hey, they asked about it. Can’t get get better than that. But what if you have exhausted your questions or you don’t have a library of questions set up yet? Here are two awesome ideas: Pick up a magazine. This actually hit me while I was reading one. Many magazines have a section where readers submit questions to an expert author or to the editor. Answer those on your blog. Also, while you’re on that don’t forget to take a peek at the letters to editor section. Every magazine has one. Very often, the content of those letters contain questions. If they don’t, I’ve often found they could spark topic ideas on your own blog. Set up a simple database – this could be a basic Google Docs form. Then let every one of your team members know where this form is at. Tell them every time they find or see a question or issue that you could answer, tell them to copy

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Jump Start Your Blogging In 60 Seconds

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Some of the best things come in the most simple and small packages. I came across this site yesterday all because I couldn’t remember the address of the site I was really looking for. Anyhow, One Word is a very simple site. When you click Go, it will load one word on the screen and a timer begins. You have 60 seconds to write something in the box provided. On their site, they say, “Don’t think, just write” How true. Most of the time, we make blogging harder than it has to be. Write more, think less. Once you’re done you can always edit. On the same token, sometimes all you need is a prompt. Something to put a little pressure on you – like this 60 second prompt and timer. At other times you simply need a nudge in the right direction to get your thoughts going. If that’s what you’re looking for, you might want to check out BlogEnergizer premium. We provide you with 30 blogging prompts every month – one for every day of the month. It even includes suggestions how you can monetize those posts.


A lot of times, people start a blog for their business and they they either abandon or lose interest in it because it was totally not what they had expected. A common complaint is, there’s little return on investment or it’s a lot harder than I thought. If you haven’t started your blog yet and wondering if it might be a good move, here’s what you need to know so that you go in with your eyes wide open. Always, Always Use Your Own Domain Too many people start their business blog with a or even address. Bad move. Don’t get me wrong, these are fantastic services and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the Blogger or but if you do, at the very least, spend $10 to register a domain for it. Your blog is part of your brand, your business’ identity. Preserve and control it. A Blog Is Not A Set It And Forget It Project Don’t think you can use automated tools to fill your blog or load it up on PLR alone and you’ll be raking in the business. You can use a little bit of that, but generally, the human part has

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I’m not the type to watch videos beyond 5 minutes unless they are instructional – teaching me how to do something. Talks, conferences *yawn* but I force myself to at least listen. Boy I’m so glad I did! I read Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week book a while back and will likely re-read it again. There are quite a few things I’ve learned and implemented in my life from that book though some things is just not possible. For one, my husband is a blue collar worker and you just can’t work from home when you have a blue collar job. You can’t period. Some tactics are easier to implement when you’re single without kids so I’m still working on those because they have school to go to and I am not cut out to be a homeschooling momma and salute those who are. Anyhow, I’m digressing. This is a really good video to watch or listen to. It runs about 45+ minutes long but he has got some really good tactics that I’m trying out on this blog. [wpvideo cbG17WXi] Highlights I like the part about breaking blogging rules. When I help BloggingStarterPack students get their blogs up,

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How Is Blogging Good For Business?

Friday, July 10th, 2009
Belly Dancer

When you start a business offline or on, it’s only a matter of time when people start telling you that you should start a blog. Sadly, that’s where most stop and leave you wondering why? How is it good for your business especially when the business is not online based or when you offer a service and don’t think you have a ‘product’ for example, a belly dancer who dances at private parties and events. Let’s look at some of the basic ways your blog could bring in more interest/inquiries/bookings and orders. It Demonstrates Your Work or Expertise It is OK to have a video or picture or two on static pages to show people what you can do for them when they hire you, but surely that video is only a very small taste. Some jobs are common and some more unique that most people don’t see. Show them off on your blog. The belly dancer can put up videos (with permission) of creative choreography at an event where the client had a unique request. It Can Show Them How You Can Solve Their Problems You know the saying, people don’t buy products (or services) they buy solutions. You

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