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Business Marketing Tools I Use

I often get asked what business marketing tools I use and to recommend something. Often my answer will vary depending on context, need, requirements and budget. However there are many business marketing tools that I’d recommend over and over again so here’s the list. Towards the bottom, are tools that are less marketing related but definitely essential to my business without which there’d be nothing to market.

For Selling & Managing Orders

aMember – I’ve been working with the backend, developing, teaching and using aMember in one capacity or another since 2004. It’s a great system as a shopping cart, membership site manager, digital content protection, selling software access or more. Highly recommended.

Wishlist Member – I use this when a full fledged system is not required.

For Email Marketing

Aweber – My main email mailing list system and a long time customer. Rely on them week in and week out.

Amazon SES – A backup system. I connect aMember to Amazon SES so that we are emailing through them, not our own servers (big no-no). Also, I run a mailing list script (PHPList) and hook Amazon SES up there as a backup mailing system. Because I control this I can import lists easily as well without having to jump through hoops.

For Advertising


Facebook Ads

Bing Ads

Twitter Ads

For Videos & Audio

Screenflow – Now that I’m on a Mac, I use this. Though Camtasia for Mac is available but I got this with an awesome bundle offer so might as well make use of it. Took some getting used to coming from Camtasia, I like it a lot now and use it for explainer videos, product trailers, demo videos and more.

Camtasia – Love Camtasia. I sprung for it back in 2004 and recorded my very first video course with it. It was the beginning of the change for my business for the better. Paid for itself many times over. Use it for Demo videos, recording video courses.

PowToon – I really like this tool as well. Great for explainer and product presentations. So easy to use my daughter used it to create a presentation for school and received great feedback.

For Securing & Safe Guarding My Business

LastPass – I used to use RoboForm which is still a great tool and would continue to use it if I didn’t need to share passwords with VA’s and other fabulous assistants so much.

AutoSiteSaver – For both simple/small WordPress sites, static HTML sites and larger sites with a combination of other types of systems on it in addition to WordPress.

BackupBuddy – For simple WordPress site backups. Some sites run both this and AutoSiteSaver because you can’t have too many backups.

BackBlaze – For backing up the iMac. They also support PC’s. I love them because – the plan is unlimited (I have a lot of files!) and they backup external drives on the Mac – not many do a good job of that. They are also super affordable. Starts at $5 a month and if you pay ahead, you get it for as low as $3.96 a month. It just sits quietly, never bothers me or gets in the way or adds icons, colors or symbols that clog up my File Manager. Try it free.

For Working With The Team

Dropbox – Share & sync my files securely between team members. Despite many others, I chose this because it has the widest ‘buy-in’ among the people I work with. I’d much rather use something they already use rather than make them jump through hoops.

AeroFS – Works just like Dropbox except there is no size limit and you can create your own in-house Dropbox type system. Used in addition to Dropbox as a way to sync my desktop and laptop while keeping these – often huge files – from consuming all my Dropbox resources.

For Amping Up The Productivity

Evernote – capture ideas, marketing radar

P/S: Some links in this list are affiliate links but you can rest assured this isn’t simply a list of things to make a buck. If they are on here, that means, I’m currently using them, have used them but still love them or my clients use them and I’m working with these tools on their behalf and love them. In short, they’ve been tried and tested.