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Can Google+ Help Your Business?

Some people are saying that Google+ is dead but this article points out six features that marketers love and use to promote their businesses. Even though there have been some recent changes, it’s still to your benefit to learn how to leverage it for maximum exposure. You’ll be able to create a targeted community that…

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How to Create Content That Your Readers Will Love To Share

The first step in content marketing is attraction. The next step is turning that attention into engagement which will ultimately result in more leads and customers. However, more and more people are online than ever before on multiple platforms and the competition has become stiffer. This article shows you 11 types of content that you can…

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Instagram Tip: How to Format Your posts

Have you ever wondered how to format Instagram captions and paragraphs with spacing and line breaks to help boost content readability? This article will show you some simple formatting tips that you can apply to your bio and post captions. The clearer your content is to your reader, the more valuable you are as a marketer.

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20 Motivational Quotes You Must Read Today

As entrepreneurs who frequently work home alone, it can be easy to feel stagnant and unmotivated. One great way to energize yourself is by reading inspiring and motivational quotes. Read them and then let them soak in. Try using them to create a graphic or put some up on your vision board to motivate you when you’re…

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Twitter Adds “Trending News” Tab

If you’ve found Twitter to be confusing to navigate, they’re testing a “news” tab on the U.S. version of their app. Instead of hunting through hashtags, this new feature will help you find trending news items much faster as it shows the top headlines. When you choose one to follow, you’ll be taken to its story screen…

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How To Broadcast To Facebook Live On Your Computer

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