Design, graphics *sigh* what can I say? I’m just no good at them and when it comes to business cards… let’s not even go there. In the past I’ve always opted for the uninspired plain old boring white card with a dash or color in the text perhaps and some cheesy art that the card printer suggests. I’ve gone as far as adding a photo to my cards and that’s about it.

Then… I found MOO! I’d spend hours just admiring those beautiful cards. Take a look at these. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Question is, can I the geek and just about anyone who is design challenged make such lovely creations? You see, one of my problems with business cards is, I do so many things within technology. How can I pack all that in a card? Seriously, it hurts when I have to tell people “I make websites” because what I do is way, way beyond that. I decided to try. There’s something about MOO that gives birth to inspiration.

The grand idea – use word clouds. I headed over to Tagxedo. You can use Wordle too but I like Tagxedo better because you can make shapes out of your words. Entered a bunch of words that describe what I do. I created 5 different clouds in different shapes. Why 5? Because MOO oh! MOO! I’m so in love with it – they can print different cards in one order. If you order 100 cards, you can make every card unique or you can split it all up like I did and have 20 cards in 5 designs. Gotta love technology.

At the end of it all, here’s the result. I opted for the mini cards because I thought they were cute and would be a great conversation starter – and boy were they ever! The choices too made great conversation since sometimes people chose what they wanted :)

Here’s another reason to love MOO the quality is absolutely fab. The card stock is heavy and rigid. I’m getting ready to order another batch this time I want to try no graphics only text with tips on them e.g. “Make your site mobile friendly. Try MobiPages” or something like that haven’t quite thought them all out yet.

If you need business cards, I highly recommend MOO. They may be a little higher than say Vistaprint or other online printers but it really isn’t that much more if you consider the design flexibility and the results will wow you. You’ll get a 10% discount too if you use this link. Try it.