Rarely do I get so excited about an offer that I feel compelled to write about it right away. This is among the few and it is that good plus there’s a deal at the end. So stick with me.

The tool is Shareasimage. It’s amazingly simple. Anywhere you are online, you read something great on someone’s blog and you want to share that as a quote.

Normally, you would simply copy and paste right? With Shareasimage, you highlight what you want to quote. Click the Shareasimage button on your browser and an image is created for you. Here’s one I made in 1 minute.

Lifetime ShareAsImage Deal

From there, you can:

  • Edit the text or add more text blocks
  • Change the fonts, colors, size
  • Change the background color
  • Use a background image or texture
  • Use your watermark <– Branding! But I think this is only for Pro accounts

The good news is, Shareasimage is free. However, as any freemium tool, you are limited to the number of fonts, images and backgrounds. You also can’t download the image to your computer for use elsewhere. Pro accounts go for $8 a month.

Here’s where the news gets even better for you. For an extremely limited time, you can get a ShareAsImage Pro account for life for only $25 via AppSumo.

I’ve purchased a number of AppSumo offer over the years. An offer as good as this, goes fast. Chances are, they will sell out before the deal expires. In fact, I just missed a deal last week because I was procrastinating. Bummer! Grab it quickly. Again, it is $25 one time now or be stuck paying $8 a month forever.

Claim This Offer

There’s also an option for you to add this feature to your blogs and websites. I’m really pumped about that.

P/S: You need to install an extension on Chrome and on Firefox it’s as easy as saving a bookmarklet.