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Alright, I admit it. I’m writing this while highly ticked off. And no this is not about which is best, who is right and not doing one thing that will kill your business overnight. Actually this came about quite by accident when a friend asked about an email vs RSS article claiming that Email is doomed, RSS is the replacement and if a fellow marketer and I would agree.

Before I go on let me first say – RSS has no magical hold on my opinion about it other than the true potential of the technology. I also love email marketing. It’s been very good to me and truly helped build my income; wouldn’t dream of going without it. So what is this article all about?

Most people miss the point on RSS. RSS is not only capable of delivering newsletters or updates. The biggest thing you must realize is, RSS is not email and neither is email RSS they are different and deserve to be treated differently in their use. RSS offers many capabilities that just aren’t leveraged. Fedex got it right when they started to offer parcel tracking via RSS.

So, what can RSS really do for you without having anything to do with newsletters? Here are three things to get you started.

  1. Syndication. Have you ever wondered how an article in the newspaper can appear on several different papers at the same time? Or how a radio show is distributed nationally and globally? It’s because of syndication. Basically, you publish once and it appears on other channels, media or in this case – websites, automatically and instantly.

    In short, how would you like it if every time you published a new article, the article appears on a bunch of other people’s websites immediately? No more article submissions, no more hoping an article will be picked up.

  2. Affiliate support. Quit making your affiliates copy and paste codes. What if every time you have a special, a teleseminar or new bonuses, your affiliate’s websites get automatically updated? Well, RSS can do that.

    Unfortunately the affiliate programs I’m involved in, none of them even do this, instead forcing us to use archaic ‘datafeeds’ which in many cases aren’t even connected to the merchant’s database.

  3. Research! Let’s face it; we are all too busy to do research yes to stay on top of our industry or niches, we need to be up to date. On the latest news and happenings, what other people are discussing, what people are saying they want. You can create RSS feeds on anything that will alert you anytime something you want to know about in your niche comes up. Let the technology to the leg work for you and spend less time on your computer.

In conclusion, think outside the email vs RSS box because there’s so much more RSS can offer. If you just don’t understand enough about it to come up with ideas how to use it, pick up my marketing technology newsletter if you haven’t already or send me your questions. I’ll cut to the chase and share them with you in simple easy to understand language. And don’t stop publishing that email newsletter.

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