Guest posting isn’t dead. You might have heard about Google assumedly frowning at it but you know what? I personally, rarely worry about them. Yes, there are horror stories of people’s business and website suddenly losing 80% of their traffic because of de-listing but that tells me, perhaps there’s too heavy a reliance on upon Google for traffic.

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I know plenty of businesses who do very well and rarely do SEO or worry about whatever new rules the big G comes out with. Anyhow, I’m getting off on a tangent here.

Bottom line, I believe guest posting has and will continue to be a good way to reach people whom you otherwise won’t be able to reach. It’ll also give you credibility when your content appears on an industry leader’s site. I’d highly encourage it if you are thinking of doing so. But before you do, be sure to take a peek at these guest blogging submission tips.

Oh and don’t just read it, practice it. Our company owns a site that openly welcomes guest posts and I can tell you frankly, reviewing guest post pitches can turn me into an ogre.

The author’s tip to follow directions is such an insanely glaring one. You have to wonder what people are thinking sometimes. The author also outlines a bunch of things that are seriously annoying for the blog owner so here’s my thought for you…

Don’t tick off the blog owner/editor. Make everything as easy as possible for them. Don’t make them figure out topics for you, don’t make them do anything for you. They are already doing you a huge favor by publishing your post. If you can make it as easy as read-approve-publish for them, chances are you will get it published.