UsefulInfobytes-349x194It’s been a few years now since I started using Amazon SES to send transactional email and must say – best thing I’ve done. If you’re wondering…

  1. What are transactional emails
  2. What is Amazon SES

Have no fear, here’s a quick explanation.

Transactional emails are messages that get sent when someone creates an account, requests password reset, or when a comment is made. On a shopping cart system, transactional emails include order receipts and the like.

Amazon SES stands for Amazon Simple Email Service. It is part of Amazon’s Web Services offerings, super cheap and has great deliverability rates.

Why go through all the trouble? Very simply, sometimes your web host gives you grief over email sending and it’s not a good idea to use your personal email. So if you’re looking for an alternative way to send email for your WordPress sites, TutsPlus has a wonderfully detailed Amazon SES tutorial to help you.