Trolls. They are everywhere. With each new blog post you publish, you might secretly hope and pray none will appear. Ok, so maybe you don’t do that but I do sometimes. Especially when the topic at hand is a little (or a lot) controversial.

100% Useful Infobytes

We all recognize them, and would rather banish that person from our virtual kingdom any day.

However, have you ever wondered if you yourself may come across as a troll? Hmmm… admittedly, I haven’t.

It’s not that I think I’m all that but I’m not confrontational by nature. Also, I’ve learned some pretty good tricks how to respond fairly and logically. So, when I read this post about the types of comments a troll makes. I was curious to test myself.

The good news, I’m 3/4 safe. The bad news, I now wonder about the know-it-all thing. I don’t intentionally go into a comment to show off my knowledge, but when people ask for help, I’ll answer. I suppose it’s all in the delivery.

Some interesting points brought up in that post. It’s certainly made me more aware of the comments I make in the future.