This was sent out to our email subscribers last week but due to an incident that very same week, I feel compelled to post it here for your benefit.

You know how you’re encouraged to create secure passwords and you end up with a 5ea11y h@rd 0n3? Yeah… like you’re going to remember that. I know all about Roboform, LastPass and 1Password. Can’t live without Roboform.

The down side? I am often *severely* crippled when I don’t have access to these tools. It’s happened a few times. Now, I’ve changed my method. Thanks to a comic of all things, but this is not a joke. It IS secure and easy for humans. Ready?

Simply string together a few random words, separate them by a space or some kind of symbol like % ^ or @ – anything. That’s it! For a clearer picture, check out xkcd.

Do I still use RoboForm? Absolutely because there’s just too many. For the common stuff this is the method I’m using. Hope you found it helpful. It sure was for me

Image by Digital Terrorist