My friend Lexi is a fantastic blogger, often coming up with some of the most interesting posts and I do enjoy her blog – a lot. Yesterday, she inspired me to write a ‘Best of’ post. Instead of focusing on me, I thought I’d share other people’s posts I discovered in 2011 and found extremely helpful. These are ones I refer to many times throughout the year and have them bookmarked or clipped.

Note:  Some of these posts are not necessarily posted in 2011 but I only discovered them in 2011. Another testimony why good posts bring you traffic again and again.

Pretty CSS3 Button

This one is almost 2 years old by now but still very good. I have the code snipped and these buttons make into a lot of my sites. There are a lot of CSS button tutorials but I like this best because it’s easy to understand and edit.

WordPress Tutorial – Load The Template You Want

It’s one of the best illustrated posts about template_redirect in WordPress. Extremely helpful to me for developing plugins, could definitely be used in themes too. Just a fair note of warning this stuff is pretty geeky.

Google Web Fonts v2

This is the post that got me started and loving Google Web Fonts.

Top 20+ jQuery Accordian Tutorials

Having to dive headlong into jQuery this year, I needed al the help I could find.

Automatically Add A Home Link To wp_nav_menu

This introduced me to the wp_page_menu_args filter. Something I had to use quite a bit on a recent project.

Custom Columns For Custom Post Types

When working on a client project in the summer, I had to get deep into custom post types and it was fascinating. This post helped me make the interface even better for the client.

Certainly these aren’t the only posts. A lot of ‘stuff’ and help I find are not in blog posts at all. In fact they are more likely to be in a site like StackExchange, WordPress Answers, help desks and forums both public and private. Perhaps another time I’d followup with a most helpful forum posts article. Meanwhile, I hope this will be helpful to you too especially if you are involved in web development and a lot of WordPress.

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Photo by apdk